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  1. When changing attributes on the handrails tool i.e. removing horizontal rails, the change will take on one view yet revert back ( H rails visible) on new views-also the rail sinks down a couple of feet on its own occasionally. What gives?


  2. The window symbols and the related edit roof element will only work on a roof that is created automatically , like create roof from walls or lines. It will not invoke on a manually created roof plane. I still can't find the skylight symbol referenced in VW documentation though.

  3. Thanks for replying so quickly-I have created a symbol from the window and still no go. Is there an area on the roof plane that best "sucks up" the symbol?-I am placing it all over the plane. Does the symbol Z have to match the roof plane Z?

  4. I am trying to draw a dormer window and, (following directions in the manual) the window symbol will not get "sucked" into the roof plane thereby opening the roof elements dialog box. I have never seen this dialog box. Also, where is this skylight symbol and the roof.mcd folder in the resource palette? And why is my program crashing constantly?

    9.5.1 architect Mac OSX

  5. I downloaded new versions of VW/Architect/Renderworks yesterday and it seems to me that there are fewer textures i.e. metals than there was previously. Am I missing something? Which available download is most current? If in fact there are fewer textures in the newest version?? I would like to be able to use the older textures folder but I am unable to figure out the sequence of saving them to work in 9.5 Mac 0SXAny help would be appreciated

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  6. I downloaded 9.5 successfully (after a few glitches) yesterday and put old versions in trash- items are locked in old versions and trash will not empty. How do I unlock these items to clear my trash? BTW Mac OSXThanks

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