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  1. Unplugging my 2nd monitor has removed all crashes - presumably there is a video card issue with my setup.... Try working with one monitor and see if the problem goes away...VW increases Video card requirements all the time and I find i need a new computer now to keep up.
  2. VW2019 crashes all the time now.... typing text, dimensions, roof changes, looking at it... I'd avoid upgrading if you can wait. I'm assuming that the folks at Nemetschek have changed the requirements again for my unupgradble video card (why doesn't installer check this and say hey dont do this?) that I have to go buy a new laptop again like I did in 2017 to run VW 2017 to do the same thing I was doing last month in 2018 without problems... grrr days and days lost of work. VW 2019 SP3 on MacBookPro MacOS 10.14.3 (these are the latest updates) with Intel Iris Graphics 6100 (apple says latest drivers are installed with OS updates) My macbook does meet the requirements as listed on VW website... so not sure what's wrong will unplug 2nd monitor I guess.
  3. same problem here - since updating to VW2019 SP2 and MacOS 10.14.2 - VW crashes or hangs - i've lost several days here now because of this. I've attached the system profile file here if you can help thanks. MacBook Pro.spx
  4. Is there a way to get my project out of stories and back into a simple layer setup? I tried stories and it F---ed up my entire project with walls with no heights, windows and furniture all over the place.... this is a disaster for me ... I tried copying and pasting into a new file but walls won't show proper heights even if I type it in the OIP. I guess I have to redraw a complete project - I may have to switch to Archicad after this financial loss.... grrr.
  5. Hi - Guys is there a way to convert 2017 files back to 2008? I only have the option of 2012. Am I stuck with DWG only ?
  6. I know on my MacBookPro (2011) with 1tbSSD and 16Gb ram the video card is no longer supported and I crash anytime I try and open a file with PDF in it unless i'm at 1:1 scale. All other functions fine afaik. I looked at buying a new mac book pro but Nemetschek says "Intel HD, Intel Iris and Intel Iris Pro " Video cards are not suited for VW 2017. Well if you look at the latest Macbook Pros those are the video cards that come with it. I've been using this program since MiniCad4 and I find these latest updates a waste of time and money for the most part - the 3d models don't produce proper elevations, sections, etc. like ArchiCad does and it is frustrating to continually have crashes. Please have someone testing your software with the the video cards on the market - I'm assuming your coders are on Windoze only lately as the Mac version is getting slower and slower like it was ported.
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