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  1. Katie... I forgot to mention, I went into the document and copied and pasted in place the important information to a second document, and I got that to print after changing some of my fonts to arial, A bit of a hassel, but it willsort of get me by for this project, but I really would like to know what is going on thanks spkdent
  2. Yes, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.. yes this version (10) does have a dongle, but i tried to print from an earlier non dongle version of vw(9.5) with the same resluts. (though Idid not remove the dongle) Any help is greatly appreciated
  3. This may have been covered already, but I haven't found it. When I try and plot a Vectorworks 10 file to my Teckjet 720c (calcomp) plotter I am receiving a page fault error Aladdin Ghostscript exit code 255 error. This occures when I try and print directly to the plotter and when I try and print to file. This is a new one for me.. this plotter and program have worked and played well together before. I am at a loss. the computer is a win 98. Any help would be really appreciated. thanks
  4. Katie, thanks for getting back to me. The text scale problem is with the text for the attributes for the lighting symbols themselves. All of the symbols seem to be on the same layer. Scale text is selected for all layers. Thanks
  5. I am not sure what I did to my drawing, but the scale for my text accross layers has changed. I can deal with this on the rest of the drawing, but I have some units that I needed to change the unit type and symbol for and now their attributes, unit number and channel color etc are all a different size from all the other units. I am using 9.5.1 on a PC. Can I fix this? All my layers are set to the scale 1:48. Thanks for any help you can give me with this?


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