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  1. Here is a little and annoying bug that I have found. If I have a lighting symbol focused to a focus point and then I mirror the fixture (to allow the legend to fit) the beam angle and the field angle go off in different directions. The field angle is still on the focus point. The beam angle is going in the exact opposite direction. Is this something that others are finding? Is there a fix for this? G4 - 10.1.5 - VW 9.5.2
  2. quote: Originally posted by kmoore1: Shaun, The VectorScript call ForEachObject allows you to specify a criteria and call a procedure to operate on all found items. You're looking for items with the "Lighting Device" record attached whose "Circuit Number" field has a particular value.i.e. ForEachObject(<YourProcHere>, ((R IN 'Lighting Device') & ('Lighting Device'.'Circuit Number' = UserCircNum))); I probably mismatched some parenthesis above but you should be able to get gist of whats going on. This tests to see if the Lighting Device record is attached and if so it checks to see if the circuit number field matches the value the user has entered previously. HTH Works in theory. The Script does not work in the following configuration PROCEDURE PickINST; PROCEDURE Pick(H : HANDLE); BEGIN SetSelect(H); END;BEGIN ForEachObject(Pick, ((T=PlugInObject) & (((R IN ['Lighting Device']) & ('Lighting Device'.'Circuit Number'=1)))));END;Run(PickINST); However it does work when I remove the search critera for the Circuit Number. (Yes I do have instruments with a circuit number of one in my document) This script selects all lighting instruments PROCEDURE PickINST; PROCEDURE Pick(H : HANDLE); BEGIN SetSelect(H); END;BEGIN ForEachObject(Pick, ((T=PlugInObject) & (R IN ['Lighting Device'])));END;Run(PickINST); What am I doing wrong? I have a feeling that the Lighting Device field information is stored differently than other Records (doesn't show up in the data tab of the object info. Where is it stored?) Thanks in advance, Shaun
  3. Hi, Here is my issue. I want to be able to write a script that will perform a custom selection of lighting instruments by circuit number. I am aware of the Find and Modify command in the spotlight menu but I find that cumbersome and want to have a custom selection by circuit number script in my commands menu. Apparently when a symbol is converted to a lighting instrument it no longer stores the data in a searchable record. I wanted to look at the Find and Modify script to see if I could pull out what I wanted but it is (of course) locked. Can someone please tell me the secret to selection of a lighting instrument? Thanks in advance
  4. When I am mirroring symbols they sometimes turn into boxes. They still carry through all their attributes but they lose all their visual information. At first I thought that it may just be a regen thing but even after exiting the program they stay the same. Also when I open drawings in 9.5.1 they open up on random layers and not the one that the document was closed in. Why?
  5. I was wondering if anyone has written a vectorscript to change the background of a drawing to white? I always draft with a black background but when I get a drawing that someone has done on white I can't see half of it. Any easier way than going into the preferences every time?
  6. I have recently switched over to VectorWorks from AutoCad. In AutoCad I know that you can import an X-ref, move it around and when the source drawing changes it will update into the drawing that contains the reference. It appears that in VectorWorks the drawing goes back to its original coordinates when you perform an Update from all Command. I have also noticed that they will move sometimes when the referenced drawing has moved and needs to be relocated. My question is this, is there some way to tell where the 0,0 coordinate is in drawing so I can move all the referenced drawings to the same location? Or is there some super slick way of moving a Workgroup Reference around in the drawing without waiting for everything to unlock and then dragging it around? Thank you in advance, Shaun
  7. I think that your problem may be that VectorWorks handles the EPS as a bitmap file. I have noticed the same thing when I bring in eps files. What we see in VectorWorks is the Preview image. (PICT on Mac and some other file type on PC) It is not the true vector file that is shown. Quark Express deals with EPS the same way. The EPS information is used to print from and the preview graphic is used for on monitor display.
  8. I have a major Kernal error that occurs at infrequent times when I am using VectorWorks. It doesn't usually happen when I am in VectorWorks it happens when I shutdown my computer afterwards. It also happens when I am using VectorWorks and Imaging a disk. It doesn't happen everytime just enough to be annoying. VectorWorks also crashes my tablet software (Wacom) if I try to add program specific menus and commands. I am running OS X, Spotlight 9.5 and a G4 laptop.
  9. Bob - Here is what I have done. Purchase a Wacom tablet. They are quite inexpensive depending on what size you want. In the driver you can assign key strokes to the wheel. I assigned v to roll up and c to roll down. This allows me to zoom just like it does in AutoCad. Shaun


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