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  1. I have upgraded to VW 2019 SP2 and the advanced properties for viewports no longer has an option for show wall components (or unclick for don't show wall components). Where has this feature moved? First 2 images below from VW 2017, third from VW 2019
  2. When I have multiple files open in Vectorworks 2017 on a Mac and I hit the minimize button on the window, it minimizes and then pops open immediately. It won't stay minimized. Does anyone have a solution for this? It works fine when I have only one file open. Thanks!
  3. JimW, I have the same issues in a brand new 2017 file. If I open up a new file draw and arc or use the callout tool with an arc and an arrow end, they do not appear. Sometimes when scrolling in and out you can see them ghost. I have tried clicking on and off the arrow head in the object info pallet, changing the arrow head, etc. Sometimes it will appear and then go away when I scroll. Sometimes it will appear in the design layer, but not in the viewport or when I export a PDF. There is no constancy. The attached image shows the callout tool i the design layer in brand new file in 2017 on the left and the exported PDF on the right. You can see the callout looses it's arrow heads when exported. Any other form of the callout tool seems to work fine.
  4. Thanks for the work around but in my office we only use VW for 2d drawings in plan view. Switching to OpenGL to show the arrows is problematic. The issue is not only on the callout tool, but also on the arc tool. It is not just in files converted from 2016 but also from new files created in 2017. Does VW plan on releasing an update to 2017 to fix this issue or do I need to have my whole office switch the way we do notes on our drawings?
  5. I have this same issue. We have upgraded to 2017 and when I open my old files in 2017 all the arrows go away on the callout tool. If I open a new file in 2017 and use the callout tool it works only if I keep it on line. If I change to arch (our office standard) the arrow goes away. Is there a fix? This will cause lots of problems in our documents.
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