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  1. I am looking for the best way to set up views of elevation drawings in my orthographic model views; front, rear, etc. These are drawings from a designer with different; CAD, workflows. I hoped I might do them as viewport references in a vertical working plane so that when he makes an update change in elevation in 2D, I can then compare to with the model, and ensure its coordination. Thanks!
  2. Mmm... I just deleted them. Thanks
  3. When trying to select objects in isometric views, layer links prevent direct selection, unless I "Force Select". How do I prevent/negotiate this? I have no use for layer links in this context.
  4. If there is a newer thread please direct me. I have just started in VW16 and I have this problem as well. I have done the unstucking process recommended by Jim. It seems the only way to prevent this is to activate the class I want to snap to, and change the class options to Show Others. This however still yields phantom snaps to wall components. Advice? Scripts to fix it?


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