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  1. Hi guys thanks for the help! I updated to the newest service package and the problem seems to be solved. I'm not sure what was going on though. For future reference though, is it possible to relocate where the Light is within a Lighting Device? It seems as if, if this were a problem again, the light could just be moved to the front of the fixture, although that might give an odd beam. Thanks again!
  2. It does. Custom, Fast, and Final Quality. I also tried a couple of the other default RenderWorks styles, i.e. Preview Exterior and Realistic Exterior Fast, along with various "Render Styles" that I've built.
  3. Hello, I'm having some issues with my light instruments not rendering. The problem seems to be that the instruments are casting a shadow on the emitter and "blocking" the light from showing. I did some searching around other topics but nothing seems to be working. I have ensured that my "Default Instrument Texture" is set to not cast shadows, and I tried building a new texture that also doesn't cast shadows and applying it to the spotlight instruments. If I uncheck "cast shadows" the light renders normally. Obviously this leads to the light also not casting shadows on objects from objects being lit... I tried applying "Default Instrument Texture" to other object as well and they continue to cast shadows. This is happening in OpenGL with shadows enabled and also in custom Renderworks with shadows enabled. Any help would be appreciated


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