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  1. I have created a test file where this appears to work as expected. I wonder if there problem is older versions of the symbols not interacting well with the new accessory architecture. In my old plots I get double legends as described above. In the test file I do not. However, there is a new problem which is that the lighting clamp appears in the accessory column in Lightwright. If that's the default it will be incredibly annoying.




  2. The word from the people at VW is to try the new cable tools available through preview/new tools in VW2021. It appears now that the labels are completely gone and you need to use data tags instead. I don't have time right now to delve into this in detail yet so I don't know if it's an improvement or just a change in the way to do things.

  3. I've tried to use the cable tool in VW2021. A few suggestions:

    1. For the data cable tool there should be a way to turn off the "extra length" field. (I see this request going back a few years).
    2. It would be convenient to be able to select multiple fixtures at once and assume they daisy chain together in order. This would be faster than selecting each fixture by itself.
    3. The tools don't appear to work on fixtures in schematic view. It draws the cable in the 3D view which is usually at a right angle to the schematic view and thereby invisible.





  4. In a file a created a while ago all of the fixtures in my schematic view now show up a Lighting Pipe objects in the OIP. If I try to recreate the position as a schematic view just the pipe appears but none of the fixtures that are on it. All the fixtures behave as normal in the non-schematic view. And yes the position on the Lighting Device matches the pipe it's on.


    There is no doubt some mode I turned on that is causing this but I don't know what it might be. Thoughts?

  5. I'm trying to create an instrument summary with two columns. I adjust the width of the summary but when I try to adjust the column offset it just resets to be slightly smaller than the width. If I adjust the text width and then the column width the total width of the summary shrinks. What as I missing here?



    VW2020 Spotlight

    Windows 10.


  6. Joshua,

      What major features do we give up by not converting to a hanging position besides auto-numbering? I found auto-numbering useful and I'm trying to understand better how I should change my workflow if I start using schematic views. Thanks.



  7. Kevin,

      I had read about that but it's not solving the problem unless you can dynamically resize the page using that tool. Then you could get a window of just the second of the drawing you wanted to print. There is an option on the print popup that says "print current view", however, it actually prints more than what you're currently looking at on the screen. I suspect it uses the screen view as the starting point and then expands from there to fill the printed page. So you wind up with stuff you don't need/want on the printed doc.



  8. I'm transitioning from Autocad to VW. Two things I really wish were available in VW are:

    1) Print Preview so I could see what was going to be printed without having to first create a PDF and then open that.

    2) Print window so I can select a subset of the drawing to print without having to create a sheet layer and viewport which I then have to change everytime I want to look at a different portion of the drawing.



    -Ed Hunter


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