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  1. I've created a report for a window schedule and have several instances of the same type and size of window which have the same ID. I'm using the WinDoor plug-in, by the way. Rather than have a long schedule with multiple rows of repeating information, I want to summarize identical windows, so I drag the "SUM" icon into the ID column and the IDs summarize fine, but the dimensions columns, one each for width and height and formated as dimensions, add up the dimensions. So if I have two windows labeled W01 that are 2'0"x2'0", the summary will show the W01 window with a dimension of 4'0"x4'0". Any way around this? TIA
  2. Thanks for the response, cbaarch. I tried your suggestion in two ways and this is what happened. I made a symbol of a drawing border as a plug-in object and set the margins as I wanted. After placing that symbol on a sheet, the margins looked like how I wanted them for about two seconds and then reverted back to the original default settings. Then I made it into a symbol as a non plug-in object and the margins stayed where I set them, however, the drawing border lost its ability to center itself on the page. Can somebody from NNA comment on how in 12.0.1 the ability to set these defaults was in the mode bar preference window but didn't work, and now in 12.5, the preference was reduced to two options? TIA.
  3. Is there any way to edit the drawing border defaults? I don't like the default margins I get when I place a border and have to change each one each time for each border. In 12.0.1, it looked like you had the opportunity to do that in the mode bar preferences but changes I made there never stuck. In 12.5, that option is now gone.
  4. Wow, that is great! I hadn't noticed that yet. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  5. I've created a simple symbol, a triangle with a number inside it, and I'm wondering if there is a way to have that number (text) stay vertical as the symbol gets rotated. "Adjust flipped text" is on in VW prefs.
  6. That's funny, I never lost those shortcuts after upgrading.
  7. Thanks Peter, you sure are on the ball. Much appreciated! I'm a little concerned that I've been pasting these rectangles and polygons somewhere throughout my drawings that will appear on some forgotten and inaccessible layer or class. ;-o...sounds like a bad dream.
  8. Ahhh, I just noticed when it happens. It stops working when "Stack Layers" is on, works again when it's turned off. And I'm just trying to paste 2D stuff in Top/Plan view. Not good...
  9. With 12.5, the "paste" and "paste in place" functions stop working without notice. They work again after restarting VW but then stop working later. Anyone else seen this?
  10. Anybody having problems with (and fixes for) the Set Sun Position in 12.5? I've deleted and added it back into my workspace but still get wild numbers in the Lat. and Long. boxes. Changing them doesn't seem to help. I get error dialogs saying either my Lat., Long. or minute values are bad. Any suggestions?
  11. Create a new texture in the resource browser and check out the options under "Color" in the shaders section. I was able to make lines for clapboard siding using the "Horizontal stripe" option and a pretty decent shingle texture using the "Roof tiles" option. The shingle textue would require grayscale printing but makes for a good B&W look. The cartoon setting in Artistic Renderworks give both edge lines and textures, although some lines are extraneous.. HTH
  12. For the record, I am able to do this on my Mac in the Annotations of VPs, although it fails about 10% of the time, not clear why.
  13. Excellent! Thanks for that, Biplab. That made all the difference.
  14. Can't you still change the line weight of a viewport in 11 in the advanced properties dialog?
  15. Turn Auto-classing off in the Document settings>Standard naming dialog. HTH
  16. I just rendered a layer link in an iso view with the same layers in hidden line and it took 2 1/4 minutes. So the section VP in hidden line takes 200% more time to render.
  17. My section viewports seem to be taking a long time to render in hidden line w/ objects displayed behind the section line. I just clocked 9 minutes to go through six layers in a file that is 29 mb. I have some furniture and fixtures from the VW libraries and less than 20 simple extrudes and solid subtractions. Vectorcaching is on as well as "Display viewport cache" for the viewport. Is this what other people are experiencing? My machine specs are below.
  18. Yes, I'm trying to work in a layer link. I have a saved view called "Model" which is probably the confusing part, and that saved view takes me to just the layer link. After working in other layers with various class and layer visibilities, and usually with "Stack Layers" turned on, I'll go to the saved view which has just that layer link visible. I create the layer link for the sole purpose of measuring between elements that are on different layers, such as where a cut-out in a floor has to be for proper head room in stairs. But "Stack Layers" is still on when I go to that layer link. You're right in that I don't need it on and, indeed, I don't want it on. So if I want to use that layer link to do some measuring in elevation, I have to do the extra step of turning it off, which I usually forget to do and then I get the "no-no" dialog and there's two more clicks or two more key strokes. I don't know what the future capabilities of "Stack Layers" is going to be, like will we be able to draw or measure in elevation views. But if that's not going to happen, I'm wanting an option to have the "Stack Layers" on or off when you create a saved view. Thanks for your patience in trying to understand me. I hope I made it more clear.
  19. Thanks for the help, Robert. I was getting close to achieving that but needed that side length of 0.0001 instead of the 0.0 value I was giving it. I assume I won't have to be doing that math in the next release.
  20. It seems to be a tread depth issue. I can get 4 steps in the winder if I set the tread depth to 16". Try putting different values in the tread depth option and see what happens to the winder section. 11", 13", and 16" seem to get the best results..
  21. When I double click on my "Model" saved view, it goes to that linked layer that has all my layers where I want them and it is in wireframe. I then go to a side view to measure from one floor to another with the measure tool but cannot if the "Stack Layers" option is turned on in the View menu. This has to be turned off to measure in that linked layer in wireframe. I'm never trying to enter a render mode here. I want an option in the saved view command to have "Stack Layers" either on or off for that particular view. Thanks for your quick response to both my issues, Katie
  22. Why is the number of treads greyed out and unchangeable in the Settings>Flights and Platforms when the winder section is selected? I just want 4 steps in the winder but caint.
  23. I'd like to have the ability to toggle on or off the "Stack Layers" option within a saved view preference. The "Stack Layers" option is usually on when I'm working in different layers, and then when I want to measure objects between two layers I go to my model in a linked layer and have to remember to turn off linked layers in order to use the tape measure tool. I don't want to have to remember. This is, of course, if we won't ever be able to use these drawing tools with "Stack Layers" on.
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