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  1. To make it "stick" though you have to save the file with nothing selected and the attributes set as you like.
  2. This sounds like a great subject for a Podcast, Jonathan...
  3. If your 3D polys aren't too complicated, try reducing the 3D conversion resolution to low in the 3D tab of VW preferences, if you haven't done that already. Biplab turned me on to that one.
  4. Yes, this does work. Along with making sure the class in which the light resides is active, make sure it is in a layer that is active for that viewport also. I have separate classes for SE, SW, NE, and NW lights and turn them on or off depending on the elevation. The many levels of control in VW is its power but if you're not careful they can get out of control. Lighting is tricky, and I certainly haven't mastered it yet. You can control the visibility of a viewport directly with the attributes palette instead of putting it into a class other than "None". The new viewport class may get inadvertantly turned off and you might not know why it's dissappeared. HTH
  5. I highly recommend the WinDoor plug-in from Julian Carr. Interestingly, it comes with VW if you buy it in Australia. There is a custom leaf option for the VW door PIO. Door Settings>Parts>Part>Custom leaf.
  6. Oh c'mon, Islandmon, thimk, think thimk! I would love something like taht!
  7. Edit a duplicate of the texture. In the edit window, go to the "Transparency" pull-down menu and choose "Color filter" and then edit that to give it a color of your choice.
  8. George, Could you give me a brief description as to the differences between the two rendering programs you show in your signature? Such as when you would use one over the other? I agree that having to wait for Renderworks to finish its stuff before I can get back to VW is a drag.
  9. Except that the other layers are clearly in top/plan as well. I've been noticing file corruption problems (bad template suspected) and that might be the case here but why would aligning layer views fix that? I was curious to see if others have run into this also.
  10. Whether Show/Snap Others or Gray/Sanp Others is on, I'm not getting complete snappability to other layers. Some parts of objects on different layers will be snappable while others will not, like door or window centers, for example, are unsnappable. However, this changes after I put the old "Align Layer Views" back into the workspace and use it in conjunction with Satck Layers. I can snap to everything with both enabled. Is this happening to anybody else? Speaking of Stack Layers, when is the fix coming for the Paste function not working with Stack Layers on? The curses in NNA's direction are adding up.
  11. Hidden line will render faster if the 3D conversion resolution is set to "Low" in the 3D tab of VW preferences. It will still ask you every time, though, if you want to render again. There should be a "Don't ask me again" check box for that...wish list item.
  12. I think what you're seeing are the lines created by the ceiling class. Make that class invisible and see what happens. Any reason your walls have a height of 0"?
  13. Yes, floor objects will only texture the top. You can give the floor a fill color that approximates the texture color to get kind of half-way there. There's also a great plug-in by Patrick Higgins called "Slab Object" from www.vectordepot.com that lets you assign classes (and therefor textures) to each side of 3D polygon. HTH.
  14. Thanks for your work on this, Pete. I'd appreciate it if you could "be the reporter on a bug report" with your test file. Thanks Andrew for finding this problem as well and for whatever fix you may have for it. I was starting to think that it had something to do with my set-up. In my test file, none of my roofs were free of the unwanted lines anymore, so I couldn't even reproduce the original problem. It was as if 12.5 gave up trying and said to heck with it, I'm going back to my old habit.
  15. Boy, I wish that was true for me but it ain't. I did a little experimenting on a blank file and it doesn't seem to matter what the base structure is. And it looks like I got my wish in that all the roofs I created in the new file had the old look of one line parallel to the roof pitch coming from the double edge miter point and that little vertical line up from the bottom corner of the horizontal cut. Like I said, one way or the other is better. It looks like it renders fine for half a second and then the lines appear, con sarn it! This is happening on my PowerBook G4 as well, by the way.
  16. Before 12.5, when I rendered a Roof Face with a double edge miter in hidden line I would get extra lines on the sides of the roof that would eminate from the corner of that double edge miter. Now with 12.5, I get those lines about half the time. Usually I'll create one roof face and then mirror duplicate it for the other side. The original will render without the lines and the mirror duplicate renders with those lines. I'd rather have it one way or the other. Has this been submitted as a bug yet?
  17. Yes, my problem occurred in elevation where the top of one wall didn't meet the bottom of the one above. As Pete points out, the same problem will occur when the walls don't line up exactly in plan view.
  18. This has happened to me, and in my case, the reason was that the walls were not actually touching where they're supposed to meet. If you zoom in really closely the difference may become apparent. You can reshape them directly or use the "Fit walls to roof" command to reshape them to some 3D geometry on the layer above. HTH.
  19. I've added font sizes to my contextual right-click button. It makes for a long list but I use it mainly for all the text-based items like dimensions and callouts that don't have that option in the OIP......yet...right?
  20. I'm sure VW would sell to anybody who wants to buy it, and why wouldn't or shouldn't they. Last I checked this was a semi-free market society. This can't be a serious thread...right?
  21. Thanks for asking, Peter. You just gave me a "duh" and a "aha" moment. Since the "wall styles" feature in 12 came out I just started editing the existing wall styles to my liking which is just two lines with a fill to represent rough framing. For whatever reason (I'm a relatively new abuser of VW) I assumed one needed a "component" in a wall to have a fill. I like to "use class attributes" for the wall so I can change textures for different renderings, and with that the solid fill option in the same edit window grays out for the "wall" part. So going to the "component" part, I started out with a pattern fill for the component and then wanted a solid one so I went back to the wall style edit window and since the "components" don't have a solid fill option I went with the hatch color. Now I see all I need is the "wall" part of a wall style to get what I want - there's the "duh" part. Thanks again. "Poche"? C'est Francais?
  22. Thanks Peter. I was surprised to lose my wall fill all of a sudden and it took me a little bit to figure out what caused it and the cause seemed odd to me.
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