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  1. Dear All, I came across an issue of changed behavior in VW. Since VW 8.5 I use external .txt files to alter database records in VW. Task is, to easily replace specific values in VW database by another. Lets say: update all items in 'database-name' with price record 'Field_1'='30,00' to 'Field_1'='40,00'. Or update all records with item no. '3.1.01' to 'C.1.01' . So far I used the database sync commad somewhat like a SQL statment would do UPDATE 'database-name' SET 'database-name.Field_1'='new value' WHERE 'database-name.Field_1'='old value'; The external .txt. file contains two values: The 'old value' and the 'new value', seperated by tab. In VW I assign a database sync matching set to find all items with 'old value' (key) and assign the 'new value' (sync from .txt to VW in the same field than the key field). Done, all old values in all database records of the specific database are updated - well, at least up to VW 2015 this is working like charm. VW2016 and VW2017 will not update the key field with the new data :-( I enclosed a zip file with two simple VW files (2015 an 2017) with database and some simple objects with database records and a txt file to sync with. Is anyone able to verify this change in behavioir also? Thanks for your help! Edward DB_Test_files.zip
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