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  1. hello. i got some news on this one. i was able to install VW 2014 onto sierra, and so far it works fine. only thing not working: i cannot install the service packs.. for whatever reason.. kind of annoying. it unpacks the file.. and when i double click to install.. the process dies right away. i mainly use vectorworks fundamentals for 2d plans and plan layout (style sheets), so i cannot tell you about any 3D stuff working or not. but it installed fine and runs ok for me.
  2. well i do have yosemite .. never tried it though. i will have a read through the "make a bootable stick and install" process again and see if i still can do that ... thank you so far
  3. thank you but my computer ist not eligible to this el capitan download. it is only for older machines who cannot run sierra. upgrading to VW2017 costs a lot of money and for now i would like to stick with VW 2014. so - either i find out if VW 2014 works ok-ish on Sierra (I am not a hard-core user) or - i find an El Capitan i can use.. hmmm...
  4. Hi. I tried to look around the forum, and i found only 2 or 3 comments mentioning that 2014 more or less works on sierra. I am reluctant to update my MacBook Pro from Mavericks to Sierra, as i fear that i couldn't use my Vectorworks any more. And unfortunately - since sierra is out - it is impossible to get a hold of El Capitan. Thank you for your help, best alexandra
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