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  1. @markdd Thank you! Much appreciated!
  2. Anyone have one? Tight deadline and haven't had great luck with timely responses from them. https://www.atomicdesign.tv/rental/category/backdrops/diamond/ Thank you in advance!
  3. I usually have good luck with one or maybe two "Send to Cinema 4D" commands, (but I ultimately get the same problems when using "Export Cinema 4D) then it will (seemingly randomly) stop exporting the whole model, entire layers will be missing, geometry won't be updated, restarting VW fixes it for me for another 1 or 2 "Send to Cinema 4D" operations then rinse, repeat. Contact tech support about it. They have been able to replicate my issue (and I guess a few others having this problem) but I haven't heard back about it in months and I can't get responses to my follow-up emails, Last response was December 5th. I've been dealing with this issue for quickly approaching a year now the the problem remains in 2018 SP3. Perhaps the more examples they see of what's happening the better chance they can get it fixed before it puts me in an insane asylum.
  4. It appears to be included with Cloud Services. I see it as part of my account now.
  5. Nice! I've been excited about this since seeing a demo @ Vectorworks Design Summit last year!
  6. I was under the impression that "Reset Braceworks IDs" would fix this. But I just tried it and it did not.
  7. My dropbox folder is on an external raid array, I am unsure how to tell cloud services where my dropbox folder is as I can't find a setting that allows that. Anyone?
  8. @JimW I'm using 2018 SP3. I just rendered this viewport as Artistic Renderworks, it worked fine. I changed the scale of the viewport from 1/4 to 1/2 and now the viewport will return blank after "rendering". The below video shows the update failure with "Artistic Renderworks", but I also tried with FQR and it did the same thing. Hidden Line worked, and so did Open GL. Restarting VW's fixes it. Render Update Fail.mp4 Not the geometry issue at the moment, I'll keep testing, but another flavor of rendering update weirdness.
  9. As mentioned earlier in the thread, I am one of those guys that incorporates Cinema 4D for my presentation/volumetric renders. I agree with the need for this feature "in-house", but here are a few related thoughts: For me, doing these renders often takes quite a few low-quality test renders to get everything how I want before cranking out a HQ final. It has been my experience in Vectorworks 2017 and 2018 that, for whatever reason, after handful of these test renders the renderer will stop showing new or changed geometry and will just keep re-rendering whatever the geometry was when it stopped recognizing updates. You then restart Vectorworks and the problem goes away for another handful of test renders, rinse, repeat. I don't know how widespread this problem is, but I know it's not isolated and restarting Vectorworks every 45 minutes or whatever to "deal" with this gets to be pretty irritating. Another thing, there isn't always a real way to cleanly abort any render immediately for whatever reasons you may require. You have to wait until it allows it, or worse force quit. It kinda reminds me of older windows versions where explorer (the host) wasn't really in charge of it's processes, they more or less controlled it, versus something like Linux where it is basically always the boss and can kill a process immediately upon asking. My point is, I think there are some overall stability/control issues that need to be addressed to really make the requested features as useful as everyone wants. I don't intend for this to be a C4D commercial but when you are rendering it's nice to have a platform that simply doesn't crash. Always updates the geometry in renders, even after hours of changes. Can abort any render, at anytime, for any reason. Just some thoughts... -W
  10. The visibility tool (the "v" key is also the default shortcut), will show them if you mouse over stuff. The below video is a DLVP of a reference'd file. Class Visibility.mp4
  11. @zoomer, Could we maybe update the title of this Wish to more clearly reflect what we're after? Something like "Enhancement Req - DLVP Crop should be assignable to layer plane" or something. @markdd Would you mind up-voting this thread if you'd like to see this implemented? -W
  12. At the risk of sounding like a complete idiot, is there an official enhancement request channel or is this forum it?
  13. If you are referring to this: (2D DLVP crop of entire venue down to the space I want) Looks like this in top/plan: (As I want and would expect) When switching to an ISOMETRIC view or fly over I get this: Then absolutely, this is frustrating. You are right, there is no way to force the crop to layer plane. (That I have found)
  14. I know this thread is old but I was just helping a colleague troubleshoot a similar issue to #1 this morning with one of my models. Some of the geometry imported to MA3D was missing a side or perhaps it was transparent. For example: Stage PIO was missing the top deck surface (I'm not sure if it was missing or invisible). The frame/legs were all there. I also tried drawing a simple rectangle and extruding it to be the stage. Same problem. I had similar problems with symbols, which contained, you guessed it, an extrude. The problems went away when I converted any of the extrudes to Generic Solids, or Solid Additions etc. (You may have to use "Convert to Group" for PIOs first) Basically it seems to like most geometry that isn't a simple extrude. What I suspect is something similar to when I started exporting my VWX files to Cinema 4D for Lighting/Rendering/Texturing. If you are setting your own "user" origin (0,0) via mouse click it doesn't necessarily line up to Vectorworks hard coded un-moveable "Internal Origin". Cinema 4D uses the vectorworks "Internal Origin" as it's world (0,0,0), I imagine that MA3D does the same. If you go to "tools -> origin -> locate internal origin" you should see a blue cross-hair appear that is the documents internal origin. (this is the one that exports are usually based on) So I typically line up my DSC with this cross-hair set the User Origin to match it. Perhaps this will save others a few hours of frustration in the future! -W
  15. I've encountered similar, though maybe not identical behavior. Basically whatever you initially insert the Motor as, say 1T the weight of the hoist/chain etc are taken from, then if you change the motor in the dropdown to 1/2T it will not update the hoist with the 1/2T's weight, it will retain the information initially loaded with the 1T (or whatever you initially inserted). The only reason I noticed is because is because of braceworks calculations and it's for sure annoying.
  16. This doesn't happen every time, but much of the time, across different files. Anyone else? In the last 2 or so weeks, it sure seems like the overall stability of VW and general responsiveness of it really has taken a turn for the dumpster. It's conjuring up memories of 2017 SP0, SP1 and SP2. It seems like the latest security update for High Sierra and VW may not play well together.
  17. I believe this was also an issue in 2017. But after a while of doing geometry updates and test renders shift + cmd + F on the design layer it eventually will stop rendering any new geometry changes and just re-render whatever was there when it stopped recognizing new geometry. Restarting vectorworks fixes for a while, then rinse-repeat. Why is this?
  18. I too have encountered stability problems and performance degradation with 10.13.3 recent supplemental update. I've crashed and had the spinning beach ball of death in Vectorworks more the last two days than the last two months. I've also had some custom workspaces keyboard shortcuts stop working at random. Vectorworks seems to be the only application that has had this reaction post OS update.
  19. I use that same machine, but with a 27" thunderbolt display. Only 2K but I still love it. I tried a 55" 4K TV for a while, that was pretty comical. I couldn't get far enough away from it :-)
  20. I too am getting very mixed results with this using the Truss PIO converted to a Hanging Position. Curtain is really the only one that works right, border sorta works but it inserts with it's bottom Z @ the bottom Z of the truss so the border goes UP 19' taller than the bottom of the 12x12 it's hanging from. When I adjust the Softgoods PIO to correct this the calculation no longer see it as connected. I typically just use the Insert Load (distributed) tool for stuff like this because of the strange results I've encountered.
  21. Do you use a custom hoist symbol for these points or just use one that you typically don't have in the rest of the rig?
  22. I had this problem with 2018, I had to delete my user preferences folder to fix it.


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