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  1. Right, a 1 to 1 replacement isn't always going to work, I think there is still a very real place for the truss PIO's in the workflow (I am often running calculations in early stages in ballrooms to make sure we aren't designing ourselves into a corner). But even with that, if you change the PIO from say, 12x12 to 20.5x all the motors disconnect, and off you go reconnecting... I understand the argument that the PIO doesn't have cross-section info (which also isn't included for most US manufacturers anyway). (though I think you can add it), but provided the person doing the preliminary truss layout/rigging drawings isn't a complete idiot, I don't see how rigid is completely useless, if you understand the loads (center point and distributed) allowed on various spans of different sizes of truss, how is a rigid load calculation that much different than using something like Harry Donovan's rules of thumb? Which a lot of people have been using for years? I'm usually looking for ballpark #s anyway to help determine if things need further investigation by people more qualified than I. More of a starting point, than the law. Feel free to correct me if I'm being dense.
  2. I really hope 2019 makes Braceworks more usable in real world situations. Stuff like truss substitutions is not an uncommon occurrence. It doesn't take much for motors and connections to break/disconnect and you spend almost as much time tracking down all the ridiculous errors, re-inserting, re-attaching crap as the time it would take to calculate point loads manually. When it works it's great, but man when your in the thick of it trying to knockout updates and recalculate, it sure doesn't take much to send it all sideways quick.
  3. I also work with a shop that has a lot of Applied Electronics truss. Any updates on this?
  4. I assume that this means that the engine VW 2018 uses is from R18 rather than R19? IE: One version behind? Just curious.
  5. This is disappointing to hear. As a Cinema 4D user, and someone using it to do the lion's share of my rendering work I've never had any of the described issues with it. I don't know the mechanics of interfacing VW to C4D's render engine, but I assume there is some sort of behind the scenes format conversion/translation to get it to something C4D wants to see. If that is the case I wonder if the missing geometry updates and black screen output are in anyway way related to the bug where VW can only Export/Send to Cinema 4D once, maybe twice successfully, before the resultant file starts missing most or all of the expected geometry? Requiring a restart of VW. Perhaps both functions use the same conversion/translation functions? Just a shot in the dark... I know you have a team of people way smarter than me working on it.
  6. As far as I can tell, you have to delete everything up to the point the order is correct, and then manually add new fields in the order you want them to appear. Tedious for sure.
  7. I have also run in to this when mirroring. I don’t recall this being an issue in 2017 but I could be mistaken. But it’s one of the reasons I’ve all but written off the seating tool for now. Instead opting to use duplicate array, move by points and working planes.
  8. I share files with a freelance LD (who is also on 2018, and we've been on the same SP's when working together) and he has said in files that originate from me, he is unable to 3D rotate a lighting device to be a floor fixture. I simply do the below and it works fine for me. And when he originates a document he can rotate them this way too, but not one from me. Just curious if anyone has any ideas.
  9. Evan beat me to it. Also, your screenshot looks like you have the whole object selected. You can also use the tools in my screen shot to select a specific face or part of a face to map a texture on.
  10. My understanding (and experience) was, say I have a template file where I've made changes to my master title block, I've added some fields for example. re-ordered them etc. If I were to copy that newly updated title block to a file that had an older version of the title block without those fields, and paste it into the document with the older version, the pasted title block's design will update, however, the added/updated fields from the master title block will not carry into the this document. It will retain the old title block's fields. When you paste "Master Title Block" into the document needing updating, there is no records merge/replace dialog prompt, and the error occurs if you do the cut and paste method, OR import the "Master Title Block" style into the drawing that needs to be updated via the resource manager. The net result is the same.
  11. You sound like your experiencing the same thing I posted about a while back.
  12. Update, geometry updates still fail to render correctly in SP3. IE: Changes are reflected in Open GL, but aren't in FQR. Open GL: (Correct) FQR (Nope): Closing the file and re-opening the file as it was above and hitting cmd + shift + F yields a completely black screen. And of course, re-launching and re-rendering causes it to work as expected. (Until it doesn’t)
  13. I'm on a Mac and SP3 and unable to replicate. Could you post a screen record to show the problem? FWIW The "official" bug report channel is here: http://www.vectorworks.net/support/bugsubmit
  14. By default VW puts new plugins in the user plugin folder. That's what I usually use. I then have a program called Resilio sync that syncs my user plugins, workspaces, and a couple of other things from my main Mac Pro to my Macbook Pro for site surveys, so when I make changes to my main machine, install a plugin, change my workspace my laptop automatically has them.
  15. So, I just tried this. And so far it's working. I gotta be honest though, I am just about sick of resetting my preferences. There has to be a better solution. I've lost count of how many times I've had to do that with 2018.
  16. Same for me. Constant force-quitting, hangs on the simplest of tasks. More beach balls than spring break.
  17. Nice tutorial Evan! I really enjoy seeing others perspectives and solutions to problems. I hope you do more! I'd love to get your take on your VW to C4D workflow, texturing, lighting etc. Funny enough, I was watching JC Superstar Sunday Night and was envisioning the person who modeled/drew that. And of course, you had a hand in it. :-) I also just saw your new renders of it. Those look like they have Corona Renderer all over them and they look awesome! Great work man! Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go practice, or find a new career ;-)
  18. Most recently I was doing this in a native 2018 file, and push-pull was borderline unusable. Only a small number of my projects end life in a different VW version than they began, so I haven't noticed.
  19. I keep running into this also. Spinning Beach Ball of Death for days.
  20. I too wish it was a constant rolling release. Pushing out hotfixes as they are available would be huge! The constant, "This has been fixed for Service Pack X", which loosely translates to "We've fixed the bug, but you won't see it for 3 months" is silly. I think that is half of people's frustration.
  21. Interesting! I'll keep an eye on this and see how it affects my exports!
  22. @markdd Thank you! Much appreciated!
  23. Anyone have one? Tight deadline and haven't had great luck with timely responses from them. https://www.atomicdesign.tv/rental/category/backdrops/diamond/ Thank you in advance!
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