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  1. It would be cool if you could actually place hoists and braceworks connections on the same layer as your truss/position that you use for a rotated DLVP position. You currently cannot do this, you get the hybrid symbol error if you try to rotate it (this is solely caused by hoists and rigging connections, which is stupid because if you uncheck show screen plane/planer view it seems like it should be a non-issue since it's treated as 3D only anyway) In addition to this it would be rad if the hoists could auto adjust their chain and orientation to always be vertical, or show the toe-in/toe-out of the chain. In a similar way to how a lighting device can track it's focus point through the DLVP.
  2. Not sure how I'm just seeing this but thank you! It worked! There seems to be little in the way of continuity between how difference devices attached to motors and stuff.
  3. I personally have two main machines. My Vectorworks Mac box, and a dedicated PC next to it running Cinema 4D w/ Corona. I even use one keyboard and mouse for both using a program called share mouse, so the PC feels like it's an extended display of my mac. It's all very seamless. I have to turn renders around for entertainment fast and this allows me to do it. While I appreciate the idea of an all in one solution, this setup gives me maximum flexibility and allows me to continue working in Vectorworks while I'm rendering on the other. Plus Cinema allows you to farm your renders out to any one of hundreds of renderfarms if you need a bunch of views turned around super quick. I spent a lot of time beating my head against the wall trying to make an all in one pipe-line work for me. And things became way less frustrating when I finally caved and just decided to get a dedicated render box with C4D. Let each software platform excel at what it was intended to excel at, plus it opens you up to a whole world of alternate render engines. -W
  4. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question. But regarding the Instrument Summary. Say your spotlight settings are as follows: Which lets say results in something like this in Top/Plan view: Why does the instrument summary ignore the colors?
  5. Good people there for sure. I was there 2003/2004. Mario was one of my favorite dudes! Learned a lot from Him, Finley, Heath, Ray Ray, Laird, Scottie. Everyone really. Also FWIW tech support contacted me back acknowledging that it's not working as intended and submitted to engineering for a fix. It's related to truss objects (insert truss tool). When I've used DLVP's previously in 2019, but so far I was displaying scaffolding and light ladder positions and didn't run into this problem. I don't know that it's problem with the PIO truss tool. -W
  6. I have done curved LED walls drawing a line curved how I want, extrude it, convert to a nurbs surface and then do a surface array of an extruded rectangle that is the size of the LED module. You have to make sure you use fixed spacing so it doesn't distort your module size.
  7. That's for checkin! I'll definitely get with VW Support. This crap always shows up when I'm staring face first at a deadline for submitting something. Never fails. Say Hi to Mark C. Audra, Mario and others! (I worked at TMS years ago in a previous life)
  8. Update: After multiple profanity laden tirades that probably changed my 3 year old daughters life forever. Smashing some inanimate objects, and pacing around like a psychopath, I discovered if I save in a 3D view (num pad 5 in this case) and re-open it holds the correct rotations. If I save in Top/Plan, it all goes to hell. what. the. actual. F.
  9. Has anyone run into 2019 losing the rotation of these DLVPs after closing and re-opening the drawing? (saving before closing of course) Happens every time and is about to send me on a homicidal rampage. If I load from a recent backup file in VW Backup, it regenerates correctly. But again, opens wrong even when re-saving the backup over the master drawing. See below. These were vertical towers before closing.
  10. I'm curious what tips and tricks people have for maximizing their efficiency with their template file. Default design layers/sheet layers/viewports etc.
  11. @scottmoore Do you draw your plan view in position on the drawing? IE: If you had a vertical truss tower, would you draw it laying down in position, with the pivot point where, ever it would stand up? VS drawing the plan view in some arbitrary location in the document?
  12. If any of you guys are on Service Select, there is a good video tutorial of DLVPs for truss raking from @C. Andrew Dunning (I don't know if it's available elsewhere)
  13. I'm on 2019 and the revision clouds don't seem to offer any type of linking functionality for tieing into the revision system. They are just a piece of cloud shaped geometry.
  14. Right, I don’t know that I would use Renderworks as the hardware performance bar. As already noted by others Corona (which I use) and other solutions, can be worlds faster, even using the same hardware.
  15. I’m not in front of my computer at the moment but there is a class called Truss-Simplified (I believe, or something similar), if you turn that off it’ll look more like truss.
  16. Gotcha, I think I must have misread your original post. Reading it again it sounds like you've had the same lower performance under both configurations..... eGPU driving external display, and it just driving the internal display.
  17. I just tried a 2018 file in 2019 that was giving me all sorts of problems with push-pull and to me it feels like there is some improvement, but it's still quite laggy/beach-bally.
  18. Is the eGPU driving both displays? Or just the external, with the integrated driving the internal display?
  19. I have been playing with an eGPU off and on for a couple of years now. Due to some updates to tools that enable this on TB2 macs, I decided to try again the other day. (I have a 2013 nMac Pro which doesn't "officially" support them) but I have gotten my NVIDIA GTX 980TI to work fine. I realize that card is several years old, but it shows a MASSIVE improvement in Cinema 4D versus my FirePro D700s in OpenGL, but I can't really notice a difference in Vectorworks, and I'm not sure why that is. It seems like the 980TI should rail the D700s in VW too. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe I'll temporarily try pulling my Titan X out of my PC and see if that changes anything.
  20. I actually use a script to toggle it off and on depending on what I'm doing but for example: Base Setup: (3 - 10' Tomcat Bolted Truss Pieces w/ a Distributed Load running the length of) If I double click to edit the load, choose path, it shows this when the show other objects during editing preference checked (by default): It shows this with the same settings but in a top/plan view: And if I toggle the preference off it shows this (just a line): giving me no reference to downsize it and snap to a different truss location. It would be amazing if it had reshape handles to remove/change/add vertices in the design layer. I currently have to delete and redraw them when things change.
  21. My template has a mountain of classes in it, sometimes when I want to assign an object to a class, I'll type the class name little by little in the class search field, say I get to the end of it and there is no result because I realize the class doesn't exist. So I click on new class, which then just shows "Class Name 1" or similar, I wish "Class Name 1" would populate to what I already typed in the search field.
  22. I wish you could reshape distributed loads with the reshape tool rather than trying to edit the path which won't allow you to see the underlying objects to snap your adjustments to.
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