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  1. I had similar results with a GTX 980 TI on an external display,  though mine was on Thunderbolt 2 and High Sierra.    Made a huge difference in Cinema 4D,   But I felt no discernible improvement in doing all the things I do daily in Vectorworks.  I last gave it a shot on 2019 SP2.

  2. Jim,  I have no doubt that you will be wildly successful no matter where your next adventure leads.   I truly enjoyed our hang times at the last two Design Summits and will miss them greatly.  I will most certainly miss the unmistakable voice and personality your brought to this organization,   you made it like talking to a friend on the inside vs a faceless company.   I'm glad you'll get to spend more time with family.  Someone once told me,  never fall in love with the Job, because the Job won't love you back.   The more time that passes, the more I realize how true that is.   Family first!  Best of luck to you!   You will be missed!



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  3. 4 minutes ago, JMR said:


    On Best Performance, our worksheets are not visible all the time, especially at file opening. Sometimes they disappear and cannot be selected. Changing the setting to something else brings them back. This with 2019 Designer SP3.


    Weirdly, for 2018 and 2019 it seems some things work better with some display settings while others do not - there is no real constancy except overall the "best compatibility and performace" has fewest issues, IMHO.



    I too get disappearing worksheets,  (or they hop around,  or sometimes the horizontal cell outlines go off into infinity)   Other random objects I can no longer select,  or you try and move an object and basically the bounding box acts like it moved,  but the geometry is still in the original location,  and you can't select it.  But if you can find the invisible bounding box again you can "move it"    Lots of weirdness.   

  4. 6 minutes ago, scottmoore said:

    Can someone point me in the right direction in how to use the new numbering tool in Spotlight 2109?  I am apparently far to dense to figure it out! 


    You  have to select the items you want to number,   open the numbering dialog,  then check the boxes in the "use" field list on the left.   Then for each item you check,  you have to highlight it (turns blue) and adjust your numbering options.    I've caught myself numerous times having the wrong (usually unchecked) field selected to modify the options and can't figure out WTF it didn't work.   



  5. 8 hours ago, Robert Janiak said:

    @Wesley Burrows Try duplicate this issue with Prolyte H40V-200 or Eurotruss. TomCat seems to be fine but Workload is Grey. Why? It something wrong with Prolyte and Eurotruss library.


    How I do it:

    1. Add H40V-200

    2. Add 2xHoist

    3. Recalculate All Objects...

    4. Change Trim Height of System...

    5. Recalculate All Object

    TomCat and Eurotruss without Trim Height.PNG

    TomCat and EuroTruss Trim Height 2m.PNG

    TomCat Trim Height 2m.PNG



    I just followed your steps with that same type of truss and was unable to duplicate the issue.    You might try backing up your user preferences,   resetting them and see if there is any difference.    As annoying as it is it's helped me several times when I couldn't figure out why something wasn't working right.





  6. I am unable to duplicate the issue,  With 2019 | SP3 (on a Mac though).  I tried it with Tomcat 20x truss,  I don't know if that makes any difference.   When I used to have stupid errors with hoists becoming unattached,  I would sometimes be able to re-attach them by,  selecting all hoists,   cutting them,  and then pasting them back in place.   I don't know if that trick still works though.

  7. 5 hours ago, Robert Janiak said:



    Static system is not suported and Hoists disconected after change entire system Trim Height. I can not attach it again. Red line not showing. Only adding new hoists resolve this problem. Do you have any solution for that? Is any hoist reatache function or something like that?

    Before change Trim.PNG

    After change Trim.PNG



    What version/service pack of VW?


  8. On 2/6/2019 at 8:16 PM, rseybert said:

    Whats the fix for this?!


    Thanks in advance.



    Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 6.07.08 PM.png



    Hi!    This drove me nuts for a while,   I finally figured out the way to get this to calculate is to change the connection type (in the OIP of the Blue Diamond) from Pliable to Rigid.  




    You will likely receive new warning message (though the loads will still calculate)  that says:





    Which based on my reading basically means the pipe/load isn't balanced.   Hope this helps!



  9. On 2/7/2019 at 3:46 AM, markdd said:

    I use data visualisation all the time and really like it. It seems to be taking a bit of time to catch on as I don't think Vectorworks have really flagged-up what it can do. The one tutorial video that I could find was of a very dry example. The entertainment sector would find it really useful for identifying all sorts of criteria. One suggestion I think I've made before is that it would be really good when new features are implemented, if more wide-ranging video examples could be posted of how the software designers and engineers at Vectorworks actually envisaged these new features being used. That's more of a marketing thing though......

    There are still some minor bugs with it and sometimes 3D geometry doesn't work in OpenGL where it does in Renderworks, and there is an issue with some 2D symbols and graphics compatibility which apparently are going to be fixed with the next service pack. So these teething troubles have possibly made it a little hard at first to understand fully.  


    It is certainly the closest way of getting the much asked for capability that AutoCad has had for years and years of having a BYLAYER (class) functionality for geometry inserted within symbols.


    It would be great if it could work alongside class overrides in Sheet Layer Viewports and I for one would like to see the functionality applied to design layers as well. Hopefully one day?




    Is there any slick way to make a symbol key so to speak of stuff using this?   IE:  Using data visualization to color code the truss by length.   Is there easy way to make a reference key for it the colors?


  10. 5 minutes ago, MTRobin said:

    Hey Allan,


    I am trying to replace symbols that are not lighting devices.


    The magic wand won't work if my symbols are within separate groups or symbols. I really need a global find and replace. 



    You could try custom selection,  under the tools menu.  Then once the items are selected you can replace them with a different symbol.   It should look in groups/symbols.


  11. It would be cool if you could actually place hoists and braceworks connections on the same layer as your truss/position that you use for a rotated DLVP position.   You currently cannot do this,  you get the hybrid symbol error if you try to rotate it (this is solely caused by hoists and rigging connections, which is stupid because if you uncheck show screen plane/planer view it seems like it should be a non-issue since it's treated as 3D only anyway)    In addition to this it would be rad if the hoists could auto adjust their chain and orientation to always be vertical,  or show the toe-in/toe-out of the chain.   In a similar way to how a lighting device can track it's focus point through the DLVP.   

  12. On 11/28/2018 at 11:54 PM, rseybert said:

    The trick seems to be move the Array to the motor point or the truss.  The motor point or the truss will do its little red thing and then it'll connect.


    Not sure how I'm just seeing this but thank you!  It worked!   There seems to be little in the way of continuity between how difference devices attached to motors and stuff.

  13. Forgive me if this is an ignorant question.  But regarding the Instrument Summary.   Say your spotlight settings are as follows:




     Which lets say results in something like this in Top/Plan view:




    Why does the instrument summary ignore the colors?






  14. 20 hours ago, LJ TMS said:


    Hey that's awesome, I'll definitely let them know you said hi! How long ago did you work at TMS? I've been here going on 12 years, although I'm always working away in my cave so rarely get to talk to majority of the people that work here, lol.


    Edit: Mario told me to let you know he misses you.



    Good people there for sure.   I was there 2003/2004.    Mario was one of my favorite dudes!     Learned a lot from Him,  Finley,  Heath,  Ray Ray,  Laird,  Scottie.   Everyone really.


    Also FWIW tech support contacted me back acknowledging that it's not working as intended and submitted to engineering for a fix.    It's related to truss objects (insert truss tool).   When I've used DLVP's previously in 2019, but so far I was displaying scaffolding and light ladder positions and didn't run into this problem.  I don't know that it's problem with the PIO truss tool.



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  15. I have done curved LED walls drawing a line curved how I want,   extrude it,  convert to a nurbs surface and then do a surface array of an extruded rectangle that is the size of the LED module.    You have to make sure you use fixed spacing so it doesn't distort your module size.

  16. 1 minute ago, LJ TMS said:


    Lol, wow I hate stuff like that! Well at least you found an easy enough workaround.


    I just checked my test file and I'm not seeing that issue regardless what view I save in. I'd definitely forward that to VW so they can take a look.


    That's for checkin!   I'll definitely get with VW Support.   This crap always shows up when I'm staring face first at a deadline for submitting something.   Never fails.     Say Hi to Mark C. Audra, Mario and others!   (I worked at TMS years ago in a previous life)

  17. Update:   After multiple profanity laden tirades that probably changed my 3 year old daughters life forever.   Smashing some inanimate objects,  and pacing around like a psychopath, I discovered if I save in a 3D view (num pad 5 in this case)  and re-open it holds the correct rotations.   If I save in Top/Plan,   it all goes to hell.   what. the. actual. F.

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  18. Has anyone run into 2019 losing the rotation of these DLVPs after closing and re-opening the drawing?  (saving before closing of course)   Happens every time and is about to send me on a homicidal rampage.   If I load from a recent backup file in VW Backup, it regenerates correctly.   But again,  opens wrong even when re-saving the backup over the master drawing.   See below.   These were vertical towers before closing.




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