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  1. I take it, this is the "tease" part:
  2. This is what is stupid about the tool right here. Having seating sections selected and opening the numbering tool it defaulted to this. Why on earth, if only one thing is checked doesn't the tool automatically highlight the checked section. This is how I bone myself on the regular.
  3. If I'm not mistaken this is exactly what the Data Tag is for. But it has to attach to an object, such as a "space" or whatnot to obtain the info the tag displays.
  4. My complaint with the whole new new(ish) numbering tool is just the fact that it's so easy to inadvertently highlight an unintended field blue and not realized you edited the numbering information for the wrong field until you get unexpected numbering results.
  5. You might double check that you have unit number highlighted blue on the left column when you enter "1". I've had the wrong field auto-highlighted, or inadvertently bumped the selected up to the wrong field bone me numerous times. It's pretty easy to do the way that tool is laid out.
  6. Yes, it's under Spotlight>Rigging>Replace Truss / Replace Truss Type. I've only used them once but they were completely unintuitive and it was a miracle I got it to work at at. For example, using it to replace some 20x or something, with tomcat 12x12 you have to tell it to change the type first, then replace the truss, but by my recollection when you tell it to use the Tomcat 12x12 truss, it lumps both Spigotted and Bolted together, and the tool doesn't tell you which one is which, it just double lists all available truss and you have to guess if you picked spigotted or bolted. It's such a garbage tool it would almost certainly be faster to re-draw with the new symbol. You might be able, however, to (if it's the same size just a different symbol) convert the current truss to a symbol (Braceworks>Convert Truss To Symbol) replace the symbol with the correct one then Braceworks>Convert Symbol To Truss.
  7. Interesting to note they mentioned Maxon and more specifically Redshift (GPU render engine now owned by Maxon) which is currently NVIDIA only.
  9. I had similar results with a GTX 980 TI on an external display, though mine was on Thunderbolt 2 and High Sierra. Made a huge difference in Cinema 4D, But I felt no discernible improvement in doing all the things I do daily in Vectorworks. I last gave it a shot on 2019 SP2.
  10. Jim, I have no doubt that you will be wildly successful no matter where your next adventure leads. I truly enjoyed our hang times at the last two Design Summits and will miss them greatly. I will most certainly miss the unmistakable voice and personality your brought to this organization, you made it like talking to a friend on the inside vs a faceless company. I'm glad you'll get to spend more time with family. Someone once told me, never fall in love with the Job, because the Job won't love you back. The more time that passes, the more I realize how true that is. Family first! Best of luck to you! You will be missed! -W
  11. I too get disappearing worksheets, (or they hop around, or sometimes the horizontal cell outlines go off into infinity) Other random objects I can no longer select, or you try and move an object and basically the bounding box acts like it moved, but the geometry is still in the original location, and you can't select it. But if you can find the invisible bounding box again you can "move it" Lots of weirdness.
  12. You have to select the items you want to number, open the numbering dialog, then check the boxes in the "use" field list on the left. Then for each item you check, you have to highlight it (turns blue) and adjust your numbering options. I've caught myself numerous times having the wrong (usually unchecked) field selected to modify the options and can't figure out WTF it didn't work.
  13. I just followed your steps with that same type of truss and was unable to duplicate the issue. You might try backing up your user preferences, resetting them and see if there is any difference. As annoying as it is it's helped me several times when I couldn't figure out why something wasn't working right. -W
  14. I am unable to duplicate the issue, With 2019 | SP3 (on a Mac though). I tried it with Tomcat 20x truss, I don't know if that makes any difference. When I used to have stupid errors with hoists becoming unattached, I would sometimes be able to re-attach them by, selecting all hoists, cutting them, and then pasting them back in place. I don't know if that trick still works though.
  15. Hi! This drove me nuts for a while, I finally figured out the way to get this to calculate is to change the connection type (in the OIP of the Blue Diamond) from Pliable to Rigid. You will likely receive new warning message (though the loads will still calculate) that says: Which based on my reading basically means the pipe/load isn't balanced. Hope this helps! -W
  16. I just ran into this. Something needs to happen with this. It sucks.
  17. Is there any slick way to make a symbol key so to speak of stuff using this? IE: Using data visualization to color code the truss by length. Is there easy way to make a reference key for it the colors?
  18. I approach this in much the same way as @EAlexander I do this for maximum control, and though Corona can make beautiful volumetrics, I don't have a week to get a clean image with the number of lights I use. Thus, I use C4D's standard renderer for volumetric only passes as it can usually render in under a minute. Then use Corona for all the direct and GI/Bounce lighting as it's beautiful and worlds faster than the C4D Physical engine. Plus it's lighting seems to behave much more like what I would expect a light to in the real world. It's the best combination of speed/quality I've arrived at thus far. Modeled in Vectorworks, Rendered in C4D. This is using the stage plugin (with some tweaking to work with Corona). Comped: (Base render is Corona): Beams Only (Standard C4D Render Engine): (All other textures overridden to black) Comped: (Base Render is Corona): Beams Only (Standard C4D Render Engine)
  19. Gotcha. I think this might be Vectorscript/Marionette territory.
  20. I'm probably misunderstanding, but checking that box under criteria should do it.
  21. You could try custom selection, under the tools menu. Then once the items are selected you can replace them with a different symbol. It should look in groups/symbols.
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