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  1. 41 minutes ago, scottmoore said:

    I should quantify that and say that 3D navigation seems to be much quicker. Lots of other, simple processes seem to be hanging up the processor momentarily. Probably more so than in 2019, however the lags themselves seem to be shorter. Just opinions based on working on the same file from 2019. No specific data tests. 

    This has been my experience as well.

  2. 18 hours ago, Selin said:

    Hi @Wesley Burrows upon investigation I have realized the reason for that is because you have Data Visualization on in your Design Layer. I'm not so certain about the reasoning yet but I'm looking into it. Meanwhile, turning Data Viz. off just for the export would be a workaround.


    @Selin, Interesting.   I don't know why that's even on,  (or how to turn it off actually)   I haven't had time to even look at it.   I did notice some weird new geometry that showed up in my template file with 2020 but hadn't had time to investigate.


  3. 6 minutes ago, JuanP said:

    @Wesley Burrows This is from Tim in our QA team: "Symbols seem to be exporting fine in my tests, so this might be file-specific. The post says he submitted a bug report. Do you have access to his bug report? I'd like to take a look at his file to see if we can find a cause. Thanks"


    Could you DM or post the file that you are having issues, please?






    @JuanP,  DM sent.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, EAlexander said:

    Sean - here's what I do:


    Go to edit workspace

    Switch over to the KEYS tab

    MODE GROUP 1 - I have changed this to the Tilde Key (above tab in the top left of your keyboard, under esc).  I image you can put any unused key in there.


    This lets me cycle through the different modes for all tools with the tilde key - so when I'm in the Selection tool and hit tilde - it tabs me through Interactive scaling off, single, or unrestricted.  I wish I could just hot key on and off, but this is an acceptable solution that I've used for years.   Most don't know that you can cycle through options while live in the tool and drawing, so if I start a rectangle and I'm in the wrong mode, I can change it on the fly midstream.  Play with it.




    Just now, EAlexander said:

    I think so - I can't remember what the default key is there.  I chose tilde since it is kind of in the same place on my keyboard as it sits in the viewport and I don't use it for anything else and won't accidentally hit it.


    Yes,  it's U.




  5. On 7/10/2019 at 10:13 AM, Kevin McAllister said:

    The forums certainly do feel different, though I know there are lots of VW employees around all the time and I really appreciate when they interact. I've also found I've been less active in the forums (I've only made a few posts in the past 😁). If I had to try and define why I think it might be this - Jim personally took a lot of ownership in building this community and many of us decided to invest in Jim and his passion for Vectorworks. His commitment was probably beyond what was required by the job, the difference being investing in the community personally vs monitoring the community professionally. Jim definitely did both.


    The forums have always had ebbs and flows, so how it feels now may also be attributed to that. The calm before the storm as it were, since things tend to get busier here in anticipation of a new release. From my own perspective I tend to be around more when I'm actively drawing in Vectorworks every day, which isn't the case at the moment.


    There are a LOT of amazing people here who are still very active and sometimes it takes the right question to get them to chime in and problem solve.


    Fingers crossed that the forums will find their groove again. They have been and are very important to me personally.   






    This 100%.   I couldn't quite put into words what I was feeling since his departure,  but this is exactly how I feel about it.  For me the seemingly apparent lack of a "man-on-the-inside" feeling around here has made it far less compelling to visit as frequently.  And I know that there are many staffers that make appearances on here.  and help out.  But we all know Jim was a fixture you could almost guarantee a response from,  and it was rarely riddled with company speak.   In many ways, to us, he was the end-user advocate that made people felt heard and could run things up the appropriate channels.   The voice/human touch of a large company.    I think we all miss it.    I also have no idea who I'm gonna drink/BS with at Design Summit 2020 now.  🙂

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  6. I wish I could say that it's hard to believe that some sort of self-service activation/deactivation portal hasn't been put into operation in the 5 (quickly approaching 6) years since the original post.    But,  in general,  seems par for the course from what I've seen.    I'm not sure why this is such a hard concept.     I don't know about everyone else,  but 9-5,  M-F isn't exactly how the Entertainment Industry rolls.     I haven't completely written off VW 2020 yet,  and actually have a tiny bit of (probably misguided) hope that it's possible this year.   Solely based on Cinema 4D R21's new Adobe style login system.   (Of which Nemetchek is also the parent company)   Though I know full well both Maxon and Vectorworks operate completely independently from one another.


    In any case something needs to happen here.  Machines crash,   Laptops get stolen,   usually at the most inopportune time,   and an immediate replacement is required (sometimes it might even be a rental just to get you through to the purchase/repair whatever)  and there is a pretty good chance that doesn't always fit in to the usual tech support hours when you need to reset your activations.   (of which the limit is stupid anyway,  if nothing else make it so 2 can be activated,  one in use at time and it auto deactivates the oldest one if a new one comes on.)


    I'm also somewhat concerned that @PVA - Jim was the only real end-user advocate regularly on these boards,  reading these things,  and sending them up the chain.   And if people in the know are reading these things,  lurking in the shadows,   an update would be really nice.


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  7. 4 minutes ago, Kevin McAllister said:


    My guess is that these things being multithread and/or passed off to the VGM would make a huge difference when modelling in high geometry situations -

    • geometry calculations (math) which is still single core
    • various types of selection highlighting which I understand are being shifted to the VGM
    • snapping / snap highlighting
    • the whole process of moving an object (which involves various things above) including the move preview no longer becoming a bounding box only

    I would be super excited to learn that any of these tasks were completed for VW2020. I've recently been working with a high geometry file and and using the Attribute Mapping tool with snapping turned on is brutally slow...





    My experience mirrors Kevins. 


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  8. 1 minute ago, Mark Aceto said:



    AKA "the thing of which we do not speak."


    Also, while this performance boost is massively appreciated, I haven't heard anything about taking a load off the CPU and moving it to the GPU. Every release since 2015 has rewritten old code to take advantage of better GPU performance, so this is the first year it's been quiet. This is even more important today because while we have 8-core laptops, their single core base clock speed is well below the VW recommendation, and turbo boost speeds are thermal throttled.


    With only one more Teaser Tuesday left, I'm hopeful for:

    • 4-core limit lifted to a minimum of 8 cores
    • "This is is a maintenance release - we cleaned up a bunch of old code, and made everything faster and more stable"
    • Improved stair tool

    I'm excited about all the little things that didn't make it into this round of teasers but those three have been priority #1 in user feedback for years.


    Right!  I really want to read "All tools/modules/processes are 100% multi-threaded now,  we'll use every core you got."   

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  9. This is what is stupid about the tool right here.    Having seating sections selected and opening the numbering tool it defaulted to this.   Why on earth,  if only one thing is checked doesn't the tool automatically highlight the checked section.   This is how I bone myself on the regular.    



  10. My complaint with the whole new new(ish) numbering tool is just the fact that it's so easy to inadvertently highlight an unintended field blue and not realized you edited the numbering information for the wrong field until you get unexpected numbering results.

  11. 9 minutes ago, Greg MacPherson said:

    My numbering issue is that when I try to auto-number unit numbers the program starts with whatever number I left off with instead of 1 (which is what I entered on the numbering tab). Thoughts.?



    You might double check that you have unit number highlighted blue on the left column when you enter "1".    I've had the wrong field auto-highlighted, or inadvertently bumped the selected up to the wrong field bone me numerous times.   It's pretty easy to do the way that tool is laid out. 

  12. 16 minutes ago, scottmoore said:

    Greetings.  I've not spent much time with Braceworks truss symbols, but am collaborating on a project where this is what is used.  Is there a way to easily replace a truss symbol in this workflow?  There appears to be nothing in the OIP that accounts for this.  I am guessing it has to do wth recalculation, but if there is not a way to do this, it is a huge time suck to have to manually replace trusses.  





    Yes, it's under Spotlight>Rigging>Replace Truss / Replace Truss Type.   I've only used them once but they were completely unintuitive and it was a miracle I got it to work at at.   For example,  using it to replace some 20x or something,  with tomcat 12x12 you have to tell it to change the type first,  then replace the truss,  but by my recollection when you tell it to use the Tomcat 12x12 truss,  it lumps both Spigotted and Bolted together,  and the tool doesn't tell you which one is which,  it just double lists all available truss and you have to guess if you picked spigotted or bolted.   It's such a garbage tool it would almost certainly be faster to re-draw with the new symbol.


    You might be able, however, to (if it's the same size just a different symbol) convert the current truss to a symbol (Braceworks>Convert Truss To Symbol)  replace the symbol with the correct one then Braceworks>Convert Symbol To Truss.


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