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  1. On 4/28/2023 at 5:55 PM, inikolova said:

    @Wesley Burrows,

    Please take a look at the linked thread and let me know if you can't find the information you need to fix your problem. I would be happy to investigate your specific situation and provide further guidance.

    On the side note, I filed a request to our team to see if the output locations for Dropbox and Vectorworks Cloud Services can be remembered similarly to the way it is done for the local processing option.


    Best regards,

    Iskra Nikolova



    @inikolova  Hi!   While the link is informative for understanding what could be happening, it doesn't really offer a solution,  and I realize there might not be one as I'm on Mac and the servers are on Windows.    But if it is font related, I'd love to see if we could get that working.  I did download Font Forge,  but I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to try and convert that font too.   Or if that's even what the problem is.

  2. I have a some custom fonts in my title blocks/etc that all generally seem to work fine now when cloud publishing,   I do full integration on a dropbox for business account,  and the fonts are uploaded in a folder there.    But there are a couple of font's in particular it just refuses to use.   The one that bothers me the most is Gravitica-Light.otf.   I don't know if there's anyone that could help me with this?


    And on a side note,  when you publish a pdf locally,  the Vectorworks remember's the last directory you published to and takes you there initially with a successive publish.    When publishing on Store on Dropbox and Process on Vectorworks Cloud it goes back to the root folder every time.    Rather than remembering.    I don't know why it behaves differently.     



  3. 2 hours ago, jcogdell said:

    Hi Wesley
    there's no other control for this currently that I'm aware of but you could use the repeat last command feature of the right click context menus to open the Spotlight preferences, after opening them the first time,
    or add them into the right click menu with the workspace editor, this would save a bit of time accessing the settings


    Would it be possible to put in a feature or enhancement request to address this?   Or could a script toggle the preference check marks like you can with other preferences?

  4. Is there a way like with regular snapping to temporary disable rigging related snapping?   I know there's a spotlight document preferences option,  but it's clunky to go back forth to quickly.   For example.   You've created a truss,  hung lights on it etc,  and say for some reason you need to shift the truss L/R of it's current location without moving all the fixtures, or maybe even rigging points,  cause say they are fixed hook points in the ceiling.   Is there a smart way to do this?    I generally want the loads to attach to the truss on creation,  but sometimes I don't.   Screen PIO's in particular I may want a a specific fixed height from the ground,    but they snap to the truss,  then you fix it,  and say you need to adjust the trim on that truss, but want the screens to stay put,  how do you deal with that?


    I typically have been cutting whatever objects I want to stay put and pasting them back after the move,   but this isn't without flaws,   that works with L/R moves etc.   But projection would just re-snap to the truss. 


    Am I missing something?

  5. As far as the laggy/slowness/freezing goes with 2023,  I've found this:


    I am 100% convinced that something with the VGM got jacked up in SP3.   I've been using 2023 SP2 for a few days now,  and it works fine.   I "upgraded" back to 2023 SP3 and the problems come back. 


    Doing same mundane navigational tasks,   zooming,  panning,  orbiting,  etc in various files yield different results in different service packs.   In SP2 the GPU stays low most of the time,  occasionally hitting half way on the GPU usage history.




    image.png.cd6549b69fa715266dc95f0a1a0ea562.png image.png.7722785dd588da92e679e5afaedf67bc.png


    However,  in SP3,   doing the same activities will randomly peg the GPU.   This is when VWX will lag out,  or the drawing window will lock entirely,  though you can interact with menus, tools,  but nothing in the drawing window,  it's frozen.


    SP3:  (The first screenshot was a laggy hang that recovered,  the second was the drawing window completely eating it)


    image.png.455c64f9361c30d3d69f5b50f5ac7f81.png image.png.05af5cc308dbf72b1199e23add103cb7.png



    I've switched back and forth between SP2/SP3 and the problems consistently go away in SP2 and return in SP3.    I haven't even had so much as a laggy interaction with SP2.    

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  6. Update to this,   I did a repair installation of SP3,   and the hesitations and beach-balling remained.   I've since reverted to SP2,   and SO FAR,  I haven't had any of the hesitation,  lagging issues.   I'll report back after more time passes.    But so far so good,  you know,  other than having to deal with all the bugs in SP2 that SP3 fixes.    But I guess it's a trade off I have to live with to make the software more useable.  


    I've been rolling with 7 or 8 drawings open all day,   so far so good. 



    1 hour ago, line-weight said:

    But I get the impression that people with 16GB, 32GB, 64GB of RAM are reporting this kind of pressure on memory. Maybe even 96GB unless @Wesley Burrows is experiencing some other problem.


    So just how much more memory is warranted?





    Vectorworks has been open all day here,  with the above 6, 7, 8 drawings open simultaneously and this is where I'm sitting so far:



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  7. This is becoming infuriating.   Even with a single file open,   zooming,  beach ball,    layer change,  beach ball.   Whatever mundane task it is,  the thing just chokes for no reason,  at random.     I can't say for sure it didn't do this in SP2,  but it is loud and clear in SP3.


    Based on peoples signatures in here it seems to be a cross platform problem too.

  8. I also seem to be seeing this more if there are several VW files open at the same time.   A lot of the same types of stuff happening as mentioned above by others.    I don't understand why this is.    When I deal with even larger amounts of high poly geometry in C4D, (I often replace geometry from VW exports with higher poly replacements for renders) and it goes all day without missing a beat.     I'm not modeling high rises or anything,   just live events.   I have a hard time believing 96GB of RAM just isn't cutting it anymore for what I do. Particularly when the problems soley arise in Vectorworks.

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  9. It sure feels like something happened with SP3,   i get random HARD beachball hangs when orbiting in wireframe,  seemingly at random times.   Usually after using the program a while,  sometimes Vectorworks will come back to life after 20 seconds or so,  other times the drawing window just freezes,   I can interact with the tool bars but the drawing is stuck,   once or twice the drawing window turned red, like it crashed the video card driver.   It also likes to beachball so hard the system reboots.    I've never had that happen in any other software.   Only happens when using Vectorworks,   and seems to be file agnostic.   

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  10. On 1/31/2023 at 11:18 AM, stevenmorgan94 said:

    I used to use this method a lot a few years ago, but since Hanging Positions can rake I haven't used them in some time..However now in VWX2023 I'm trying to do something similar with a 2D/3D symbol and after I create the DLVP and rotate, it throws the hybrid symbol error.


    I also tried it with truss like I used to just for fun and I get the same error. Has anything changed in recent versions of VWX not allowing this to work?





    If I remember right you have to have a lighting device in that DLVP for it to allow you to rotate it.

  11. As the title says,  just looking for a decent suggestion of drape folds in 2D hidden-line section views via a hatch assigned to the drape texture.  Any help would be appreciated.  



    I currently have the above,  which is ok,  but I'm not super happy with it.  If anyone has an improvement on this,  I'd appreciate it.

  12. FYI,  Maxon released updates to Cinema 4 and Redshift that have solved the shaders compiling issue for me in Cinema 4D on Ventura 13.1 beta 2.   I assume Vectorworks won't be too far behind with an update.   Other than that 2023 SP1 on Ventura 13.1 beta 2 is running great for me. 

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  13. 23 hours ago, Kees W said:

    That description of the issue isn't very clear to me. Does this RenderWorks issue occur only when you also have Redshift installed, or also with just VectorWorks on the machine?


    Whenever Redshift is asked to render something,  it has to compile some base shaders before it can start rendering,   on previous OS versions there were some "pre-compiled" shader libraries that reduced the amount of shaders requiring compilation and thus let you get rendering much faster.    As of yet,  these pre-compiled shader libraries don't exist for Ventura,  so it has to compile them each time thus triggering a delay.


    As I mentioned earlier,  this is also the case when rendering directly in Cinema 4D on Ventura.   So Vectorworks isn't the only software affected by this.

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  14. 1 hour ago, Pat Stanford said:

    One known problem with VW2023 and Ventura is a very long delay (~1 minute) the first time you do any RW or Redshift rendering.  From my understanding, this will be fixed for RW with the next service pack. For Redshift it will require an update of Cinema 4D. Hopefully also in time for the next service pack, but not guaranteed.



    For what it's worth Redshift does the same thing in Cinema 4D,   takes several minutes to compile shaders the first time.  (with Ventura).    I didn't previously do this.

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