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  1. @ColinW If you go into your resource browser and Edit your Data Tag / Then edit Tag Layout / Then select the Text you can actually give the text attributes to Auto Increment. The only thing I still can't figure out is how to Set the tool to Offset the Tag to one side of the windoor. There is "Auto Placement settings" in the Data Tag Syles but no matter what I change that Value to it doesn't seem to make a difference...@ColinW were you able to fix this?
  2. I had a little bit of a go. But Couldn't figure it out how to offset the ID's and make them auto increment. How did you set it up? Would be interested if it worked well.
  3. So it seems after updating to 2019 the Windoor ID tool does not work as it did in 2018. Each time I click on a windoor in a wall it gives me the error message "First click must be on a windoor object". After a bit of mucking around I it seems that the Tool works if the Windoor is not IN the wall. Anyone else noticed this? and is there a fix? Or maybe an updated Windoor ID tool plugin to work with 2019? Cheers, Steve
  4. Months on, I figured out it. I had to Edit the Window Number Symbol, and make sure the Text was justified to one side.... Who would of figured.
  5. yes have tried this also. I feel like I've tried everything! I have ended up just physically drawing them on 2d in the elevation viewport. Its ok if there are one or two deep reveal windows. But when there are 10 or more it gets quite annoying!
  6. Hi Anton, I have tried that and it hasn't helped me. It seems the plan view location of the Window No doesn't move it in elevation.
  7. I have been having a problem when trying to list window numbers in my elevations. Within my drawings I have two Deep revealed windows and once I give these two windows ID's they seem to be showings but behind the glass. Assuming this is because I have unusually deep windows. Is there any way to move the ID's in 3d to in front of the glass? Also I am having a problem where a part of the window number is gettings cut off. Anyone else had any of these problems?? Also as you can see in the screenshots below. (the two windows on the left are the extra deep ones, the other windows have part of the window numbers cut off) I am using Windoors and VW2018 sp1. Thanks, Steve


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