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  1. VW 2017 SP3 running on an Alienware 15 R2. I was working on a file that was based on a DWG import. Turns out I was attempting to move some 'symboled' geometry that included "3d" geometry from the DWG file, so I deleted the DWG junk and just drew new geometry. I do find though that the program can still lockup if moving a not overly-large amount of geometry from one layer to another.
  2. I've been seeing this a lot recently and it's starting to annoy me. If I grab a selection of objects and attempt to change their layer assignment, VW has a propensity for locking up and crashing. Anyone found a fix for this?
  3. I'm seeing something weird that I haven't had an issue with before in regards to drape slider lengths. If I draw a 60' line of pipe and drape using SoftGoods, select my sliders (7'-12') and give my preferred target length of 10', VW is spacing the uprights at 12' (the max for the slider) and not the 10' I'm asking it to try to target. I think this is new to SP3. SP2 and earlier I don't recall having an issue with the target length. Anyone else noticed a change in behaviour?
  4. Is it abnormal that I can't open the navigation palette in the VW viewer? As well there isn't a way to modify the toolsets? I have it installed on a surface tablet, I'm close to just doing a full install and building a custom workspace but figured the full program would chew through the battery faster if I just wanted to view a document.
  5. I'm going to drop this here after starting a conversation in troubleshooting. Can we be given the option of defining a location to store the default library folder? In my case I have a 100 GB ssd for os/apps, and a 512GB hard drive for data, so I prefer to have the couple of gigs of library stored on the hd, but I need to do a shortcut workaround to make it work and watch out for library updates as they don't follow the shortcut upstream. We're given the option for user folders but not the library.
  6. This seems to have ironed itself out, still weird though.
  7. Does VW have an option somewhere to move the default location of the library folder? I have not come across anything and web searches seem to indicate there is not. I have a laptop with an SSD and HD, VW as with all of the programs is stored on the SSD, but I want the library to store on the larger HD. Under SP2 VW seemed to be fine with me moving the library file to the HD and having a shortcut in the VW folder called 'Library' and that all seemed fine. Under SP3 this no longer seems to work and I'm losing connection to my default content. Thoughts? Ideally I just don't want the library wasting space on the SSD when it can sit perfectly fine on the Hard Drive.
  8. Upgraded to SP3 a few days ago, and my workgroup folders no longer show up at the top level in the RB. Instead I have a drive marker folder with nested folders through my workgroup folders leading to the favourite folders of the respective workgroups. Re-synced the workgroups and the problem persists. Is this something intentional for SP3 or is this an unconnected issue to the update. Image of what I mean attached. Thanks.
  9. What I personally would like to see is the option to give pan and tilt info to a spotlight instrument without having to assign it to a Focus Point, and then be able to 'turn on' the fixture. For Renderwork lighting objects we have this ability, we literally have sliders to adjust. Personally I find my drawing space getting cluttered even on small shows when using the focus point tool. If I have 30 lights in the plot, I could conceivably have 30 focus points I need to deal with depending on how the focus needs to work out. Anyone else feel the same way or am I in the minority?
  10. @JBenghiat That was what I was missing, the Display Flattened option. It was section slices of a 3d model. Thanks
  11. I've been mucking around with the Section viewports trying to make this work, and it seems like VW just does not want to do it. What I want is this: While working on my plot in top/plan I would like to have a viewport of my theatre showing the front elevation below, and a section of the theatre displayed in left or right view off to the side. Is there any way for a viewport on the design layer to have a different view orientation to the drawing space? I feel like I am either missing a basic option selection somewhere, or VW doesn't do it. Thanks
  12. The only way I can think of to achieve this currently is to use the texture functions in a class. Assign all objects you want to texture together as a class with a texture. Assign texture by class. Change the class texture and all the objects will update.
  13. I'm not sure if this has come up before, but I would love to see a change to the way fixtures with zoom ranges are handled. Right now we can only input the x and y beam and field spreads for a fixture, but we cannot designate a smallest zoom size and largest zoom size. I cannot tell Vectorworks that my Source Four 25-50 zoom fixture has a minimum field size of 25 degrees and a max of 50, then when I place the fixture choose where in that zoom range I want the beam size set. Ideally VW would also do the basic math on the Candlepower and be able to do the math on the inverse square calculations of what happens to beam intensity when you flood. Thoughts?
  14. I think I found the solution. After I edit the criteria the "formula" shows up in the formula bar, and I can change the | marks to ampersands, so I think my issues is solved. I find it odd that in the edit criteria window I don't have the option of choosing how the criterias nest though.
  15. I'll try to explain what I am looking to do. I am trying to create a worksheet that will count my pipe and drape cross pipe, uprights, and drape counts, which after a bit of googling I can do on a basic level. However, I have two sizes of pipe and drape, 12' and 16' high uprights. I also have multiple types of drape, different colours of supervel and velour. I am using the material, material colour, and note records in the Softgoods PIO Object Info to track the info. The note record has either a 12' or 16' value. Where I am running in to an issue is when I try to limit the database row in the worksheet to only target subdivisions. Ex, I only want a drape panel count of 12' Black Velour. But if I try to set multiple criteria I do not get the result I want. If I try the following criteria on the database row: Record>Soft Goods>is present Field Value>Note>=12' Field Value>Material Type>=Velour Field Value>Material Color>=Black instead of looking at only the objects that are all three, it returns all of the 12', all of the velour, and all of the Black pipe and drape. Am I missing something in how Criteria works? I'd like to be able to have multiple criteria that allows me to really narrow down on a selection. Thanks