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  1. 19 hours ago, Kevin Allen said:

    So, I'm not sure and I haven't tested, but why couldn't you have a texture with the color shader set to object attributes and have the transparency as you like?


    For the lens on a spotlight lighting device, that's set in the Spotlight Preferences.There must be a lens object, grouped with the body and the lens need a class with a texture (glow shader, object attributes, Cast Shadows turned off). In the spotlight prefs Modify lighting instrument color set to color field, and only the lens class. 

    Once you apply transparency the texture ignores the object colour and just uses the colour set in the transparency shader.


    With the lens object using a glow texture, let's say you have a render where you're looking at the lens, the glow texture doesn't give that "staring at a light" effect.  If you turn the glow texture brightness up it mucks with the colour saturation, eventually just turning white.  You can muck around with a renderworks camera and go through the exposure etc, and try to balance all of the other lighting objects, but If I could put a really bright white glow texture "inside" the fixture, and have the lens object by a transparency, then my bright glow object would be coloured by the transparency and I solve my "not being able to turn up a glow texture brightness" issue.

  2. On 1/20/2020 at 11:03 AM, Kevin Allen said:

    While I think I understand, I still feel a bit confused. That said, I often wish there was a way to copy some settings from texture to texture, OR have a 'master' shader applied to multiple textures. Particularly true of transparency and bump

    Right now, in a drawing, if I want green, red, and blue glass, I need to create separate green, red, and blue glass textures.  But I can use a single glow texture, apply it to ten different objects, give them a different object fill colour, and the glow texture for each object changes colour.


    If I could have a single transparency texture and apply it to different objects, and have it use the object colour for the transparency, there are a number of things I can now do with that texture.  One of them would be to play around with using a transparency texture on a 'gel' object in front of a spotlight instrument, and my rendering might look more realistic than the glow texture, which has limitations in brightness capability.

  3. 2 hours ago, Kevin Allen said:

    curious how you see this affection g the transparency?

    Right now we can use a single texture for things like glow textures, across multiple items, and the glow texture uses the object colour.  If we could do that with transparencies, you could have one glass texture and use it across multiple items and have the object colour affect the glass transparency colour.  Seems like a useful option.

  4. I would really like to see Glow Textures get "fixed" so that if you increase the brightness over 100 it doesn't 'over-expose' the colour to white (or give us an option either way). 


    I'm trying to make my fixtures look like the fronts are glowing relatively realistically in renders, and re-balancing the entire drawing (camera exposure, other glow texture brightness, render light brightness, etc) around trying to make the lens glow texture flare as if you are looking at the fixture is a real pain in the ass.  It would seem far easier to just be able to turn up the brightness on my lens glow texture without it washing the colour out to white when I do so.


    To me this seems like a simply fix.

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  5. Did a quick search but didn't see a topic about this already.


    So 2020 is doing a weird thing.  Every so often my menus go grey and stop functioning.  For example File>Save is greyed out and will not perform it's action.  The only way I can save is to close the program and say Yes to the save prompt. 


    All of my menu options get greyed out and nothing works.


    Restarting VW corrects the issue.

  6. I'm not sure what I am doing incorrectly here.


    I am playing around with the Renderworks Camera Tool with the exposure, bloom, etc settings, and I am not seeing any differences when rendering.


    Now, I am just in my design layer and using a selection of custom render styles to mess around here.  Is there a setting in the render styles that has to be active for the camera effects to be applied?  Or do they only work on viewports in sheet layers?


    Otherwise as I said, I am not seeing any change in my results when adjusting camera settings like exposure and bloom.


    What I am playing around with is wanting to adjust exposure and bloom so that my spotlight lens glow texture looks like the fixture is actually emitting light as in real life.  Then will adjust exposure and spotlight object light brightness to get my renders looking more realistic.  This was a suggestion from Jim a while ago I just haven't had time to sit down and play around with it.


    I feel like I'm missing something.


    Running 2020 SP2.

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  7. I might be splitting hairs on this, but I find it constantly annoying.


    Alright, let's say I create a cropped viewport on a sheet layer, then I go in to the viewport and move the crop, I would really like Vectorworks to be a bit smarter and keep the viewport crop centered on the sheet layer where it was originally and not make me run after the viewport and move the object back to where it was on the sheet layer.  Surely this is feasible?

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  8. Update, the culprit seems to be the desktop background image slide show.  The hiccups were aligned to just after the desktop changed to a new image, disabled the slide show on the desktop and VW seems to be happier.  So MS seems to have done something to the backend causing screen processing or refreshing issues or something.

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  9. Updated to Windows 10 - 1903 yesterday at the end of the day.  Today VW is running rather... unsmoothly….  Every couple of minutes I get a short hangup.  Anyone else noticing stability issues or do I need to go monkeying around in my settings to figure out what Microsoft just buggered around with.


    At first I thought it might have to do with the autosave cycle, so turned that off to see, and made no difference.

  10. Is there a way to get more brightness out of a glow texture other than increasing the glow intensity, which starts to wash out the colour and turn it white?


    Right now I use glow textures to re create things like LED tubes, etc, that are in view of audience, and I find they don't get enough "kick" in the renders.  If I turn up the brightness setting for the texture it gets brighter for sure, but also starts to desaturate the colour.



  11. Here's a weird thing I'm seeing since moving up to 2019.  My symbols are not inserting via the Insertion Point, but rather it seems the very most screen left piece of geometry.


    Two images below:


    One shows my symbol if I go in to edit 2d geometry.  The table and locus points are centered around the 0,0 coordinates for the symbol, and it lists as insertion point properly.




    Two shoes me inserting the symbol on to a Design Layer, notice the symbol is being handles by the far left locus, not the 0,0 Insertion Point of the symbol.





    I'm guessing something is going funky, and that I am not missing a new "Insertion Point" feature where to can manually set the point off of the 0,0 for the symbol?

  12. I am referring to this:


    When I place the cursor over the fields to input a scale value I get the tooltip note noted at the bottom.  It does seem to function, but if I set the values, close the window, and open the window again, the values are "locked in" and greyed out, and I can only adjust them after turning off the auto display and turning it back on.

    Screenshot (7)_LI.jpg

  13. I saw that, but the tooltip at the bottom of the window indicated that the function was only available to Architect keys, and would not function with my Spotlight only key, so I left it alone.  It does seem to function, but as intended only when I re-scale the entire drawing layer space does it take affect.  So there is not a way to select which detail level to use like in a viewport then?

  14. Query about the new Component Symbol Geometry, I am not seeing a way to take advantage of the layers of detail if working on the Design Layers.  I see it functioning on the Sheet Layers, and it's a great feature, I'm just curious if there's a way to leverage the tool when rendering directly from the Design Layer space.  Not that I render from there much except for OpenGL on occasion.

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