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  1. since our firm has updated to OSX, i (and a few others running the blue G3's) am having ALOT of crashes. we are all running VW9.5 and most of us have dual monitors. originally we thought this was a 'dual' issue, but i have been running a single monitor to no avail. there are several different crash types, but the most common by far is the "there one second, gone the next" instant vanishing trick, and this happens ALOT, i have stopped counting at 20 crashes before. it happens while running in OSX, it happens while running classic and even in a OS9 boot. out of the 3 G3 blues we have loaded OSX and VW9.5 on so far, 2/3 are having major issues, the third is OK most of the time. the G4's seem to be ok, thou they are not pushing VW alot. specs are: G3Blue with OSX and VW9.5, 2 ATI Rage videocards, 384 ram, 400 processor. thx in advance... cad jockey
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