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  1. Nikolay! That is amazing! Thanks so much! It works a treat! I wish I could learn how to do that ! Best Regards Joe
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know of a way to add all selected dimensions to calculate their total length? Ive been looking at Marionette as a possible option but no dice so far! Many thanks
  3. Thanks Boh, Its not that they are different it is that they are not in numerical order. They are in Numerical order in the navigation palette. Update. I have managed to get them in Numerical order by ensuring that a folder is not 'Selected' and also that drawings are 'Loaded' Thanks
  4. Love that you PS'ed this to explain. I totally agree btw. Such odd positioning. Can anyone help me with the Project Revision History worksheet please. The order of the sheets is very odd and I cant find a way to reorder them?? See attached to see the current order on the work sheet and the order in Sheet Selection. Bizarrely the GA plans have reorder correctly while I've been fiddling with it but the sections are still in the wrong order. Either Its very glitchy or im missing something. There is also very little in the help on this subject which is shame as its quite powerful. Also how do I revert to no folder selected once 'Show Files in Folder' has been selected. I think may be causing the problem but no way to change it back. Thanks in advance if you can help.
  5. Hi James I think the Title Block manger and Project Issue/Revision History and Sheet revision Log could help you as it will display all you revisions and Issues.
  6. Brilliant thanks guys. Will try tonight.
  7. Thanks Line-weight.When you say 'snap' do you mean move away then ensure that when I move back the snap tool is on?
  8. Hi Tom, thanks for replying. yes that does help for surface hatches alignment but frustratingly not for removing said line.
  9. Hi guys, When doing a rendered elevation using hidden line or edges for example, how do I remove the line where the bottom of a first floor wall sits on the top of a ground floor wall. I am hoping that my ground floor wall doesn't have to extend up to my first floor. See attached. Many thanks. Joe
  10. Hello all, So what I want is to set up class mapping so that when I receive a updated survey DWG I can quickly map the survey classes to my classes. Ideally there is a video on this topic but I cant find one. Any help appreciated. Regards Joe
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