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  1. Yordan Kostadinov

    Rendering using Plot & Model function

    Hi all, I can confirm the issue is fixed in the upcoming SP3. After updating the viewport, the render will be as expected. Regards, Yordan
  2. Yordan Kostadinov

    Label Size

    Try first checking the Unified View command. If this not helps, please message the file where you encounter the problem so I could investigate further. Regards, Yordan Kostadinov
  3. Yordan Kostadinov

    labels arbitrarily move far away from fixtures

    Thanks for pointing at this issue! Two other possible workarounds are to use the Refresh Labels button in the Lighting Device OIP, or execute Refresh Instruments (Ctrl+/). I would be grateful if you send me a file with exploded labels, so we could research further (the file will be used only for internal testing purpose). Any additional information on how to consistently reproduce the problem is welcome. Regards, Yordan
  4. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks - Drape vs Border (or soft goods teaser)

    Could you please send me or attach a file with Soft Goods examples of THE LOAD IS NOT CONNECTED case. I'll be able to research further and we may provide a resolution. Another workaround could be to attach the Soft Goods to a Hanging Position and use Witness Line to specify where the load to be calculated. Help page. Regards, Yordan
  5. Yordan Kostadinov

    Create Similar with Spotlight Instrument

    Thanks for reporting the problem. The fix for this is included in VW2019 SP2. Regards, Yordan
  6. This issue is fixed for the upcoming SP4. Please note that in VW2018 when changing Height, it will preserve the position of the truss center line, because Braceworks uses it for the calculations. Regards.
  7. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks Frustration

    This issue is fixed for SP3.
  8. Yordan Kostadinov

    Blended Screen Tool Not Working?

    Try deleting the RuntimeCache folder from the user folder. To open the user folder go to menu Tools->Options->Vectrowrks Preferences and in the User Folder tab click Explore... Navigate to Plug-ins and you'll find there the RuntimeCache.
  9. Yordan Kostadinov

    2018 SP2 - Soft Goods Tool Breaks

    Thanks for your report. We updated the installer to address this problem, It should get published really soon (Installer 3). Instead of the entire preferences folder you can delete only the RuntimeCache folder located in the Plug-ins user folder, that's what the updated installer does.
  10. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks: Attach Load + Hanging Positions = Total Hung Weight Wrong

    This issue is fixed for VW2018 SP2, it will automatically recalculate the weight of the attached items when one of them has its weight change. As of SP2 this field will also include the weight of the Hanging Position internal structure.
  11. Yordan Kostadinov

    Spotlight/Braceworks - Video Screen/Projection Load Attachment

    Yes, if it's near enough to the center line of the structural object. Yes, to achieve this use the Hanging Position. This can be avoided by converting the host structure to a Hanging Position and setting exact hang point whit Witness Line. The Braceworks Labels will inform you for all type of problems. In the upcoming by the end of the month SP2 below the Remove menu you will have Set Hanging Point menu and using the snapping you'll be able to easily point where to be calculated.
  12. Yordan Kostadinov

    Spotlight/Braceworks - Video Screen/Projection Load Attachment

    In the image is used the Truss item. Braceworks creates a model of the structure including the new Truss item, the known Straight and Curved Trusses and the Lighting Pipe, the Hoist as drops and all object with Load Information as weights. Braceworks assumes that both the Screen and the Projector are attached to the trusses. But they are not associated as when using Hanging Position for move or rotate.
  13. Yordan Kostadinov

    Spotlight/Braceworks - Video Screen/Projection Load Attachment

    Unfortunately for Vectorworks 2018 is planned to be able to attach only the video screen. If you need to include the projector properly in the calculations, you need to set it's location via the OIP parameters for Projector distance and vertical position. Note that Braceworks calculations don't need a Hanging Position, it's meant to allow hang with offset (via the Witness Lines) and also object associations. In the attached image no Hanging Position is used.
  14. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks: LED Video Screen PIO and Total/Distributed Weight issue

    The problem with the Weight of the LED Screen is fixed for the upcoming SP2.
  15. Hello Scott, In the upcoming Vectorworks 2018 SP2 you'll be able to find the "Select System Objects" OIP button for the Hanging Position as well. Regards, Yordan


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