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  1. Yordan Kostadinov

    Hang Position Labels

    Select the Hanging Position and from the Object Info palette click the Classes button.
  2. Yordan Kostadinov

    Hang Position Labels

    Form the OIP button Classes... assign a separate class for the label only. To use the class attributes, make sure the label class is set to Use at Creation. You can use this approach for every object, that has parts classing, like Hoist, Stages, AV tools. Regards, Yordan
  3. Yordan Kostadinov

    Instruments snapping to centre of truss

    You can turn off the snapping form the Spotlight Preferences, Lighting Device tab, uncheck the Enable Auto Positioning when moved. You can still attach and remove loads from Hanging Position using the selection control points or using the context menu commands . The snapping is enabled only when you drag objects, nudging objects (Shift + arrow keys) do not use the snapping.
  4. Yordan Kostadinov

    Attaching screen and Projectors to different truss

    In Vectorworks 2019 you can achieve this using the Video Screen tool. Right-click on the object and run Attach to Hanging Position and select the first one. By default the closest to the Position load will be attached. The other possibility is right-click the Hanging Position and run the Attach Loads command. A red cross will indicate the load you are about to attach. Moving one truss should move only the load attached.
  5. Yordan Kostadinov

    SP3 has broken my default label legend...

    This seems to be a problem with the Legend Layout symbol used. The problem might be caused by a 3D locus in the legend definition, or having more than 1 layout symbol. You can try removing everything from the legend symbol, except the text labels, both in 2D and 3D, and then add the Layout symbol from the Label Legend manager.
  6. Yordan Kostadinov

    Projector Weight Field Calculation

    Hi Hayden, When using Stacked or Side-by-side projectors in Vectorworks 2019 SP3, the weight will automatically double and divide when you change the settings. Both projectors are considered a single load in Braceworks and are controlled by single Load Information block. Yordan
  7. Yordan Kostadinov

    Rendering using Plot & Model function

    Hi all, I can confirm the issue is fixed in the upcoming SP3. After updating the viewport, the render will be as expected. Regards, Yordan
  8. Yordan Kostadinov

    Label Size

    Try first checking the Unified View command. If this not helps, please message the file where you encounter the problem so I could investigate further. Regards, Yordan Kostadinov
  9. Yordan Kostadinov

    labels arbitrarily move far away from fixtures

    Thanks for pointing at this issue! Two other possible workarounds are to use the Refresh Labels button in the Lighting Device OIP, or execute Refresh Instruments (Ctrl+/). I would be grateful if you send me a file with exploded labels, so we could research further (the file will be used only for internal testing purpose). Any additional information on how to consistently reproduce the problem is welcome. Regards, Yordan
  10. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks - Drape vs Border (or soft goods teaser)

    Could you please send me or attach a file with Soft Goods examples of THE LOAD IS NOT CONNECTED case. I'll be able to research further and we may provide a resolution. Another workaround could be to attach the Soft Goods to a Hanging Position and use Witness Line to specify where the load to be calculated. Help page. Regards, Yordan
  11. Yordan Kostadinov

    Create Similar with Spotlight Instrument

    Thanks for reporting the problem. The fix for this is included in VW2019 SP2. Regards, Yordan
  12. This issue is fixed for the upcoming SP4. Please note that in VW2018 when changing Height, it will preserve the position of the truss center line, because Braceworks uses it for the calculations. Regards.
  13. Yordan Kostadinov

    Braceworks Frustration

    This issue is fixed for SP3.
  14. Yordan Kostadinov

    Blended Screen Tool Not Working?

    Try deleting the RuntimeCache folder from the user folder. To open the user folder go to menu Tools->Options->Vectrowrks Preferences and in the User Folder tab click Explore... Navigate to Plug-ins and you'll find there the RuntimeCache.
  15. Yordan Kostadinov

    2018 SP2 - Soft Goods Tool Breaks

    Thanks for your report. We updated the installer to address this problem, It should get published really soon (Installer 3). Instead of the entire preferences folder you can delete only the RuntimeCache folder located in the Plug-ins user folder, that's what the updated installer does.


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