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  1. I am running in Windows 98. I just finished recreating my whole workspace from a clean new copy of the "8 Standard" Workspace, and after a bit of weirdness, it all seems to work as I want. However, the first time I tried to edit a copy of "8 Standard" I had the same problems with "M" and Unconstrained Linear Dimension, then I tried a few more times and eventually it worked... perhaps this is a version of the "turn it off, wait 30 seconds, turn it back on again" school of computer repair... Thanks for your help - it seems to be ok now - I hope it stays that way. ------------------
  2. I have tried simply deleting the "M" and I have tried overwriting it with another unused letter - neither works. If I delete "M" I am still not allowed to use it for Mirror, and it will still activate Unconstrained Linear Dimension. Even if I change the shortcut for Unconstrained Linear Dimension to "Q", when I try to assign "M" to Mirror, a window pops up saying that "M" is in use by Unconstrained Linear Dimension. Then, when I exit the Workspace Editor, both "M" and "Q" will activate Unconstrained Linear Dimension.
  3. I have encountered a problem when creating my own keyboard shortcuts in Workspace Editor. I want to assign "M" to the Mirror command, but it seems permanently assigned to Unconstrained Linear Dimension. Even if I overwrite that "M" with another letter it keeps defaulting back to Unconstrained Linear Dimension and won't let me assign it anywhere else. I haven't had this problem with rewriting any other letter/command combination that I've tried ("T" for Trim, "E" for Extend, etc...). Any suggestions?


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