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  1. Ah yes ill give that a try. It is a covid-19 mask. I am 3D printing them for a hospital in NYC. I found some on Thingverse but id like to make changes base on availability of materials and speed of production. When i bring the STL file into VW. it is very difficult to manipulate and really slows down processing.
  2. I dont think the subdivision tool is the right way to go about this. I think ill go old school and do a tapered extrude.
  3. ok the first image is what i am trying to make (an stl. from Thingverse) and the second is what I have the question about. Im just starting but before I got the shape i want, i want to make sure I can give it thickness. Ill be #D printing these.
  4. Hi How can I add thickness to an object that I have created using the subdivision tool? I created a cylinder, subtracted one side, and have reshaped it, now I want to add thickness. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. Ok, so I read through all these and my particular problem is not addressed but ill add it here anyway and maybe it'll get some attention. I just moved over to 2020 and when I go to place a note form the data base i am not getting the buttons that allow you to add the note to the list to be displayed. Do i not have some kind of preference checked? ive looked with no luck.
  6. anybody know why i cant adjust the line spacing in my notes? When i open the edit text tool there are buttons that have different line spacings but when clicked on and saved they text dose not adjust. Thanks Chris
  7. got it! Thanks Fabrica. Not exactly that, but close. Create 2D rectangle in area to be removed, select the roof, then 2d edit, then hold shift key to select both roof and 2d rectangle, then finally right click and select clip surface to remove that part of the roof.
  8. How can I edit the roof so that it starts and stops on either side of my stairwell? (see image attached). I have tried the 2D reshape, subtract object from slab, and subtract solid. No luck. I'd like to maintain the ability to edit it later as well. id like something similar to the "create wall recess" but for a roof. Do i need to approach it like a skylight, but that wont let me take it to the edge and cut out the overhang? all thoughts and ideas are welcome. chris
  9. I have also had some success with turning of classes that are not visible in the scene.
  10. Hi Ill try later today. As I mentioned above it only seems to be this file. When I create a new file, it does not happen. Ill take the problem file and try to make it smaller and post it.
  11. Here is an odd one and i don't think it is user error, but could be. I am working on foundation details in a viewport, when I use the repetitive unit tool for an 8" CMU i get a 16" CMU, twice the size. If I change it to a 4", all is good. If i create it in a new or older file, it works fine. (See attached) Any ideas?
  12. Here is an odd one and i don't think it is user error, but could be. I am working on foundation details in a viewport, when I use the repetitive unit tool for an 8" CMU i get a 16" CMU, twice the size. If I change it to a 4", all is good. If i create it in a new or older file, it works fine. (See attached) any ideas?
  13. ah, how did that happen. i looked at the drop down on the tool bar, B&W only, and that was unchecked so i assumed it was the same in the settings. Thanks
  14. I have an odd problem that i have yet to solve. When i create a 2D object and change the fill to a color the fill remains white or black just no greys or colors. This happens whether it is in a D layer or V port. The grey poche I have for my walls doesn't show either. - i do get hatches and patterns -When I open and create a new file it i get the fills I want -and when i open an older file I get fills I am thinking a setting has changed but I have no idea what it is.
  15. Not the best solution but I was able to copy and paste the VPs in as PDFs. At least I wont have to recreate them.
  16. Hi Zoomer Sorry for the missing info. Ever since VW forum has migrated to this new platform I haven't been keeping up with it. Ive' been a VW user since '98 unfortunatley my new "Greenhorn" status does not reflect that. Any way. as you can see, in the attached screen shot, the VPs are there but not showing up. I tried exporting it as a PDF with no luck along with what I noted previously. I am still trying to figure out what is going on with these viewports. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hi I need help. Just upgraded to 2018 and 4 viewports that are on active set of drawings are invisible. I say invisible because I can select them and I get an orange high light and also when I zoom in or out they flash on the screen and then disappear. I tried: saving and restarting , turning on all classes and layer, updating the veiwport. making sure lines were turned on etc. it is only happening with just a couple of VPs on one sheet. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  18. has there been any resolution to this issue? I am having it and the restarting and deleting is not working What is odd is that OpenGL rendersfine it is just when ai render in a higher quality that the VP renders black.
  19. Hmmmm so that s what that's for. This is a fine example of getting in a rut and not really taking the time to explore solutions that might be right in front of you. Despite my greenhorn status (had to create a new account) you would think that someone who has been using VW for over 15 years would not post such 101 questions. Thanks Chris
  20. It would be great if you could turn a class on or off by selecting an object in that class and then right clicking to get the option to turn it off. For example, say one the current design layer the pluming fixtures and equipment was currently showing on a design layer, or some other class you created, you could just select that item contained in that class and right click and the select to turn it off. Often I find that there is an object that is turned on in a design layer that I cant remember what class it is in so I click on it to see where to find it in the navigation pallet. Then I have to go over the the pallet and find it to turn it off.
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