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  1. Thanks, I did switch Safari off which didn't work at the time, although I understand Safari can impact panning.
  2. My nudge tool has been disabled today for no unknown reason. I have tried the preferences settings to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. My line attributes are repeatedly changing without prompting. I often select an object to change its attributes, however this automatically changes the default attribute settings to those of the selected object. This is specifically an issue with VW19, and has never occurred on previous versions.
  4. I have gone back to VW18 - simply do not have time for Nemetschek's crowdsourcing of problems with weak beta standard releases.
  5. I have to agree with this. VW19 is unfit for commercial use.
  6. My scroll zoom is disabled on VW19. This occurred yesterday without any prompts. Scroll zoom works normally on other software. The loss of this function makes VW19 pretty much useless. Does anyone know why this is a good idea?
  7. Can no longer scroll vertically in palettes in SP4 update - is this supposed to be an improvement
  8. Tech support have suggested that perhaps I have too many viewports, and that memory is likely to be an issue. What I do not understand is that the problems occurs with 'fast render works' and not with 'fine quality render works', so I am not sure if this is entirely a memory matter. Tech support have suggested 15-20 rendering viewports maximum.
  9. I still have this problem from the upgrade to VW17 including the SP3 update. Needless to say it significantly devalues any reason for purchasing VW in the first place, or using it in a grown up commercial context. I am not impressed that my business is being used as an experiment for a permanent VW beta phase. Extremely unlikely that I will be renewing my subscription.
  10. I am also having this issue + renders are low resolution. Can't keep restarting every 10 minutes - something seriously wrong here. Render works is fundamental to the appeal of VW. Needs to be fixed asap or no point persevering with VW.
  11. This happens to me all the time. Is there any other solution than restarting?
  12. Render works is crashing very often in VW17 - this can happen with very simple renders at only the 2nd or 3rd render of the day.
  13. Hi Allan That certainly solved it! I am very grateful. I have usually not applied textures to windoors - is this a VW17 change? Are you also able to advise why the number of doors always defaults to 2, regardless of changes I may make to it. Thanks again!
  14. Hi Alan Please find attached the link to the simplified file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xe5haqx0xciozss/161118 Windoor Issue.vwx?dl=0 I appreciate your willingness to assist.
  15. Hi Thank you for the responses. I am very familiar with the advice you have provided, and have tried all these measures once again. Regardless, I am unable to control the 3D finishes of indoor symbols, in particular interior doors. Can anyone else provide any advice re: my initial questions?
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