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  1. Erik Buijs

    30 seconds printing delay

    Found out what went wrong. Appearantly the system needs to make a list of all attached printers before opening the printing dialogbox. One of these printers was physically removed and nevertheless xp tried to open it. This caused the delay.... that simple! I just wonder why this problem only occured after last weeks SP2 update. For the printer whas removed over a month ago.
  2. Erik Buijs

    file preview

    This is what I mean. However it would be useful to include this feature in the "save" command and use the small picture as a thumbnail attached to the file when opening it. But is this possible?
  3. Erik Buijs

    file preview

    I see what you mean. However I worked with AutoCad for several years and they don't make a problem of this? Perhaps just a preview of the most recent screenshot? Kind regards
  4. Hello, I didn't find this topic in the list so I want to ask: When will VW get a file preview when opening a file? This would certainly be a great advantage and time saver! Kind regards,
  5. Erik Buijs

    30 seconds printing delay

    Hello, - VW11.5.1 PRO on WIN XP - Since my administrator has updated the Win XP operating system, all VW printjobs are relayed with exactly 30 seconds. It doesn't matter which printer I use. What could be the problem? Thanks.
  6. Erik Buijs

    file conversion problem?

    Hello, I am working on PC with VW10.5 and like to open or import VW8.5 (Apple) files a client sent me. Adding the mcd extension doesn't work, what should I do? Thanks in advance for a solution.
  7. Erik Buijs

    render polygons not shaded

    Hello, I have tried to explain my problem before, but still have no solution for this: I am drawing a cove construction with curved surface, when I choose for render polygon, a number of renderlines appear. And that is not what I want. I just want to see the outside lines and fill color. I have put the 3D conversion already to 'low' but still about 20 lines appear on this curved surface. Anyone an idea? VW + RW 10.5 win
  8. Erik Buijs

    creating 3D shape

    Hello, I am working on a 3D model and have the following question: I have the section of this model but the starting and ending angle of it is not the same. How can I create a model that is extruded and twisted around a centre line? Working with VW10.5 on PC Thanks for advice
  9. Erik Buijs

    export eps format

    Hi, I am using Vectorworks Pro 9.5.1 on PC and I have a question about exporting rendered perspective views to eps format. When I do so the files become huge! (20 - 25 Mb each!)Is there something I can do about it? I need this eps format, because it's the only way to be compatible with our press-office. Or should I use another format?
  10. Erik Buijs

    pdf file fails to show GL rendering

    Hello, I am working with VW 9.5.1 on WIN95 and I have just tried to make a PDF file from my drawing. Therefore I print the file to a Adobe 4.0 PDF-writer. The drawing consists some different layers, including a 3D view in Open GL. And that is the problem: The Open GL rendering shows completely BLACK on the PDF file. (Printing the same file on a HP4500PS printer was perfect)What can I do to make a proper PDF?
  11. Erik Buijs

    Isolines in rendered views

    Gareth, I tried to put the file in my menu. Downloading worked fine, however it doesn't work yet. It seems to be a .sit file, can I use that on PC?
  12. Erik Buijs

    Isolines in rendered views

    Thank you both for answering. Sorry it took so long... work, you know. I will try the plug in gareth advised me. And Katie, when I said isolines, I actually ment the renderlines. I sometimes still use terms of AutoCad! Sorry!
  13. Erik Buijs

    Isolines in rendered views

    Hi, I am doing some simple renderings in VW 9.5.1 on curved surfaces. And I can't get rid of these nasty isolines wich dominate the view. Does anyone know how to reduce the number of lines or better, how to remove them? VW9.5.1 on PC
  14. I 100% agree with this. You have my voice!
  15. Some weeks ago I proposed to include a file preview in Vectorworks. I think it would make searching files much more easier. Obviously there are not many users dealing with this problem, for I didn't get any reply. I really think this would improve working with Vectorworks. Is it, for example, possible to make a small bitmap with the current screenshot each time a file is saved? (and of course overwrite when the file is saved again) At this moment I have to do this manually and I search my files with a picture viewer. I am running VW 9 on PC.


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