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  1. Hello guys, does one of you have Prolyte S52F Library ? Is this trusses to be included in next release or service select library ? Same question for Prolyte ST Towers ; there is only one top part of the ST towers in the Prolyte => Accessories => Prolyte MPT => ST Tower (very surprising to put ST parts into the MPT Folder !!! makes no sense !! developper probably does not know what it is...). I need the full tower... why an "MPT Tower" folder with inside, all the 30/40 truss bases ? no link with MPT towers... maybe a new adapted name would be easier to understand thanks for your answers & update in next versions
  2. Tocsin

    Exporting CAD

    Thanks JimW it works ! ;-)
  3. Tocsin

    Exporting CAD

    Hello Guys, I have the same problem, when exporting in DWG, everything is flat. every item is correctly positionnated in 3D but every item is in 2D. I have tested to export when being in a 3D view or a 2D plot view but it does not change anything. Is my export config not ok ? (see picture below). this is the very first time I see it ; is it a new functionality from VW2017 ? thanks Tocsin
  4. Tocsin

    VW2017 Attributes Palette window resizing bug

    Hello, thanks for your answers. No, resizing the width did not make the other element to reappear. even playing with top and lower limit doesn't make all visible after checking a lot of element, I finally joined the palette to another palette and then, I got top bar reappear (the one with the expand and the close button) & the palette to resize. I cannot replicate the bug & I don't know really what I did to get in this situation sorry. but I can note some parameters of my config if it helps to replicate... let me know kind regards
  5. Hello, when I resize the attribute palette ; it crop a part of the palette simultaneously as it resize the text and the boxes (seems to be proportional). then you have no access to the hidden part of the palette. I cannot scroll up or down. for example, I have reduced the size of the palette from the top ; then it has cropped a part of the top. and then I tried to increase the lowest part ; it just generated some white part bellow the palette. see picture joined. Is it linked to my config ? to Mac Os config ? to some config error in my VW config ? thanks PS I am using VW2017 on Mac OS 10.11.6.


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