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  1. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, but it is one of the features under consideration for the near future.
  2. Hi Mike, VSS stands for Vectorworks Service Select. You can use Cloud Services in any case, but some of its functions are restricted for users that have active VSS subscription only. If you have one, you should have a different Vectorworks account and use that one instead. Hope this helps. Thanks, Lyuben
  3. Hi, @Sittingducks we are actively looking at the problems you reported. In the mean time can you double check weather you are using version 8.0.803 (See the About page of the application)? This is the version provided from the links in Iskra's post. Does your proxy support authentication (user name and password) or it's just server name and port? I'm asking because we are trying to reproduce the issue. Thank you, Lyuben
  4. The fix is currently in testing and will be released very soon. I'll post an update.
  5. Really glad to hear you were able to recover your work! Basically folders and files differentiating only by lower/upper case are not supported by the operating system for both Win and Mac. It is a long story, but the bottom line is to avoid when possible.
  6. Hi Mark, Hopefully we have figured it out. Is there a chance you are looking at the wrong file? Going over the logs, we found 3 files with such name: FIORE/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - Deleted (you can find it in Trash) FIORE/Fiore WIP/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - This one has 2 versions last updated on Feb 3 at 21:56 FIORE/FIORE WIP/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - This one has 7 versions last updated on Feb 4 at 23:22 I'm not sure why the paths are the same with just capital letters as a difference in the folder name, but you can view/download/restore any of these 3 files and their versions. This is the main source of confusion and the desktop app might be overwriting the file with capitals with the file from 'Fiore WIP'. Anyways in the future you can try to avoid using the same folder names with just difference in capital letters. This is not supported on Windows and Mac. Please let me know if this helped. Are you using the desktop application on different machines? Thank you, Lyuben
  7. Sorry to hear that the cloud is causing such problems. I'll investigate the logs further and post an update here. It would help if you post the file names or send them by email. In the mean time you should be able to view/download/restore previous versions of your files, so your work is most probably not lost! In order to do this, login to the cloud portal from here: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/files/home/, navigate to the file you'd like to revert/view previous versions/etc., click on the file to open it. Then use the icon located on top right corner of the screen that will open a panel with list of previous versions. Select any version you'd like to view (PDF files will be opened, VW files can be only downloaded/restored). Use icon to download a selected version of the file. Please let us know if this helped. Here's a link to the help article describing how to work with previous versions: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/help/pages/view-and-restore-earlier-versions-of-files/?app=WEB#


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