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  1. Hello Samuel, If you change 'Layer Options' to 'Show/Snap/Modify Others' in Navigation pallet does it help? Thanks, Lyuben
  2. Hi Benson, Thanks for bringing this up. We will consider updating it. Just to note that the currently selected option on your image is "Sync and Edit" - you can view that in the upper left corner of the image (the rounded in green option in the attached image). Lyuben
  3. Thank you for bringing up these issues. Branding for all cloud stored and shared files can be set via: https://cloud.vectorworks.net/portal/account/ (Branding section) We are open for suggestions on how to make the new Web View work better. What items in the interface would need improvements? Meanwhile we will investigate the missing geometry.
  4. When you re-open the file after a crash it should be the most recent saved state. And yes - the most recent file will get uploaded when you close the file. You can also force the sync process form the desktop app at any time by expanding the Sync activity panel:
  5. Thanks for reporting this, Josh. We are investigating the logs and trying to figure out the exact issue. By default VCS desktop app would not sync backup files. If you'd like to enable that it can be done through the settings. The app will also not sync files that are currently opened in Vectorworks to prevent excessive bandwidth and storage use. You correctly pointed out that if Vectorworks crashes the file will not be synced (since there is a hidden .lck file that was not cleared because of the crash). If you open and close the file again in Vectorworks it should resume regular sync. When you say that "- VWX is set to auto-save and back-up every 25 operations to a generic dropbox folder." - do you mean that the backups are saved in Dropbox or are they saved in VCS folder?
  6. Vectorworks Cloud Services now supports Google Shared Drives and "regularly" shared items.
  7. We have considered publishing from working files. It is improvement that is highly likely to come with Vectorworks 2022 SP3 (March 15, 2022) or even sooner.
  8. When collaborating on a project stored in a shared drive/cloud folder the recommended approach is to use Project Sharing. If you'd like to do that - go to File->Project Sharing menu in Vectorworks and follow the steps. Google Drive (as well as Vectorworks Cloud Services, Dropbox, etc.) is a supported cloud platform for Project Sharing.
  9. A new version of the VCS desktop app - 9.0.1890 was released today. Could you please follow the link from the error message and try downloading and installing it manually?
  10. Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment, but it is one of the features under consideration for the near future.
  11. Hi Mike, VSS stands for Vectorworks Service Select. You can use Cloud Services in any case, but some of its functions are restricted for users that have active VSS subscription only. If you have one, you should have a different Vectorworks account and use that one instead. Hope this helps. Thanks, Lyuben
  12. Hi, @Sittingducks we are actively looking at the problems you reported. In the mean time can you double check weather you are using version 8.0.803 (See the About page of the application)? This is the version provided from the links in Iskra's post. Does your proxy support authentication (user name and password) or it's just server name and port? I'm asking because we are trying to reproduce the issue. Thank you, Lyuben
  13. The fix is currently in testing and will be released very soon. I'll post an update.
  14. Really glad to hear you were able to recover your work! Basically folders and files differentiating only by lower/upper case are not supported by the operating system for both Win and Mac. It is a long story, but the bottom line is to avoid when possible.
  15. Hi Mark, Hopefully we have figured it out. Is there a chance you are looking at the wrong file? Going over the logs, we found 3 files with such name: FIORE/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - Deleted (you can find it in Trash) FIORE/Fiore WIP/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - This one has 2 versions last updated on Feb 3 at 21:56 FIORE/FIORE WIP/FIORE bootrooms revA.vwx - This one has 7 versions last updated on Feb 4 at 23:22 I'm not sure why the paths are the same with just capital letters as a difference in the folder name, but you can view/download/restore any of these 3 files and their versions. This is the main source of confusion and the desktop app might be overwriting the file with capitals with the file from 'Fiore WIP'. Anyways in the future you can try to avoid using the same folder names with just difference in capital letters. This is not supported on Windows and Mac. Please let me know if this helped. Are you using the desktop application on different machines? Thank you, Lyuben
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