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  1. Awesome! Thank you very much! And while we are at it.... Is there a list I could find with all search criteria?
  2. Wow guys , that is some serious Spreadsheet elaboration. I believe my question is super simple to everything that i going on in this tread, so I hope I will slip trough... I have 2D door symbols, like total amateur, all types have different names (i.e. 1.01 in 30cm wall etc) and I manage to count them, but I would like to know on which level they are. Actually I set search criteria to Level but It would be awesome to actually have it written in one of the cells. Thanks Jan
  3. jah011

    2D Doors

    hehe, much obliged :)
  4. jah011

    2D Doors

    @Gadzooks Thanks for the effort... ! But in the way you described I am ending up with a simple 2D Symbol without any dynamic parameters (which I could easily draw). I would then have to make different symbol for each door width , wall thickness etc... also making a report would have to be improvised. Is it really not possible to add i.e white filling for threshold with also white borders ... I know its an improvisation, but I am getting used to it while working in VW Thanks again
  5. jah011

    2D Doors

    Hi all, Does anyone have a simple 2D Dooors symbol/element to share. I am using German version of VW17 and here in office we are still drawing old school 2D, meaning that standard 2D/3D door element doesent work too good as it is not inserted in a "real" wall. (we are drawing walls with lines/polylines - very , very old school, but i cant really do anything about it) I was hoping that there is a way to have simple door that would have a white polygon underneath so that it could imitate insertion procedure. Thanks in advance Jan
  6. Unfortunately, that doesent help. I would like to have a symbol that i can insert and if later necessary change. At the moment client would like only linear representation of a door, but later he might ask for more detailed, etc. thats the point of having a symbol. Change once and all instances update. Same with the wall thickness... thx anyway
  7. Hi all, Unfortunately I didn't go far with my idea to make a new plug-in object. I needed totally simple 2d symbol for a door in which thickness of door frame could be changed. Then I realized that maybe door size could be customizable. I have a task to redraw old scanned plans and most of the doors are 90cm but wall thicknesses differ. I used to make a dynamic block in Autocad and it would take 10 minutes to do it, but VW process of doing something like that left me speechless. Do I really have to master Python to do it? Other option is to make 10 different symbols and insert them as necessary, but somehow i considered that move quite retrograde. So, to cut the standard lament over the functionality of Autocad and improvisation skills that VW requires, does someone have 2D door plug-in symbol to share. There was one on VectorDepo site but link is not working... Thanks Jan
  8. @SamIWas Symbol you included has no record fields etc... or it doesent work with my VW? just checking. it looks like standard symbol with text. Ill try Help files for adding record fields, first time i hear about it. thx
  9. Thank you. I will give it a try. I managed to do something similar with MultiStamp tool but im interested in getting into custom made blocks. Cheers J
  10. Hi all, I'm trying to figure out how to make a "plugin Object" or something like that, not sure about terminology in VW. I need a ie. dimension symbol (height/depth) in a Plan projection that will have a text field where i could write a value. Colleagues in an office where I work are using an improvisation tactic having a group with text in. so each time i have to go into the group, click on text, sometimes i need to recenter text etc... Also it would be great if it would be possible to force Class of an object. Also we are using only 2D in VW so plans are not really related to section drawings Thanks
  11. I must admit that I have one aggravating circumstance... my VW is in german I am sure there are many improvisations to mimic copy and move, just dont understand WHY? Why improvising, why combining several functions into one.... there is enough space, there are enough icons... And for multiplier option... need of array is equal to 0 (in my case...) I dont know when did I use it, even in Acad. Maybe polar array, sometimes. So, you have multiplier option and on the other hand it is not possible to make several copies in random places.... ie. have a window or a chair and then multiply it in different distances, positions etc... ? to hard to program that, to anticipate that people will need elements in uneven distances? There is Duplicate/Multiple script that i downloaded and somehow installed, but it works a bit funny especially if drawing has rotated UCS. Still think that as soon as I learn German and then scripting, i will make a script that will alow me to use MBP with copy and move without looking up
  12. @ RussU I know and I am using all of mentioned options, but moving, array copy should be SEPARATE. Also dragging is totally useless if you want to be precise as you cant choose edge snap points (it starts scaling an object)... @Zoomer Drag tool is fun if you are using VW as Illustrator, for presentations, trees scattering... but anything else... You copy it with a drag and then again position it with another step... Workflow disaster....
  13. Hi, I have been using VW for a bit over 6 months. I have moved from Acad after using it for 12 years. I really tried to embrace the differences and there are some things that work better than in Acad, some are different and some are just plain stupid. Of course I am writing about the stupid hoping that somebody will explain me that I am wrong. Is it possible that out of all possibilities creators of VW decided to put same COPY and MOVE under a same function. So every time i decided to move something and use shortcut I still have to look up , check if it is move or copy. Not to mention when you copy something and then right after you want to move it... its just to complicated and making me furious when i am in the middle of construction of a drawing and realize that instead of coping i have been moving the same element over and over... If anyone have made some script, macro, button, whatever that is making possible to move or copy unrelated to a previous state, please share. I'm really in a struggle here. Thanks Jan
  14. Hi all, I have been reading about this issue in several posts but none manage to offer me acceptable solution. I am sure that there are many different approaches and reasons why MOVE and COPY tools are made in one but for me it is important to separate it. I have recently started using VW after 15 years of ACad and I became quickly aware that VW is also very powerful and highly customizable program. One of the problems with my situation is that I am using German version (in Germany) and it is going a bit slow. My idea, and I am almost sure that it is possible, to make a kind of macro or a very simple script that will start Move function and then automatically select "leave original" (for copy) and another which will do the same but switch to simple move... Than I could use those 2 scripts with separate shortcut keys without needing to check if my toggle is ON or OFF. My problem is I constantly have to look for toggle position and even than sometimes happens that I move instead of copy some elements and only later realize that.... I am using VW 2017 and somehow Duplicate and Pt2Pt plug-ins are very laggy so I cant really use them. Thank you in advance. Cheers Jan
  15. OMG! Seem like its better to get in fast lane with learning german Thank you all anyway
  16. Hi all! Hope you had relaxed holidays and wish you successful 2017. I have question regarding language versions of VW. Firm where i work, have bought several licences for VW 2017 in German. Is it possible to install English version using one of these licences and can I later erase it and install German version? Thanks jan
  17. I will check it ! Thanks Pat!
  18. Hi all, Is there any database of a free simple scripts that people who just started with VW (like me) can dive into... Is it possible that vectordepot is all there is...? For ACAD there is million sites and free examples that people share/improve. I hope i will be proven wrong and that i just didnt look too hard. Or maybe it is so easy to make a custom script that nobody ask for it... Lets see. Thanks Jan
  19. Hi all, I'm new to VW community, Im coming from AutoCAD world, have been using it for 11 years and it grew up to me. Nevertheless , I moved to Germany started working in one nice firm that uses VW 2015---IN GEMAN. So now, its not that I have to get accustomed to VW workflow but i have to do it in German. Im trying not to get frustrated but its not easy. First, im trying to find term SYMBOLLINIE. Im using it to draw hydro insulation and its doing fine because you can show edges and you can snap to outer edges (im drawing details in 1:5 / 1:2). Still when i include it in symbol they disappear. I wanted to know more about those but I cant find it in english help. We will be swithching to VW 2017 from 1.1.2017 so Im thinking to ask Directors to supply me with English version but im affraid it wont be possible as i think they have come contract with Computerworks... any thoughts about licencing? Thanks Jan
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