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  1. Hi. I am trying to create plants using image props and am running into a problem. I go to Model > Create image props, select my picture, set my mask, and click crossed planes and create symbol. When I click OK, nothing happens. I tries zoom to object and it does nothing. I switched to right isometric and there is nothing there. What am I missing? I have created several plants this way and sometimes it just doesn't work. Thanks, Blake
  2. Hi, I am new to Vectorworks (just got 2017). I am wondering if there are any good resources for large plant libraries. I tend to use some plants that are a little more difficult to find images for that do not have backgrounds (I don't have time to remove the backgrounds). I use things like Persimmon, Comfrey, Pomegranate, etc...things that aren't that common. I am fine with the process of creating image props and creating plants that way. I just don't want to do the image editing myself. Are there libraries available with lots of image options? I am also interested in finding plants that were already created (with all the data). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Blake
  3. Where can I find additional libraries for VW? There are some trees native to my local area that I can't find and nothing else is really similar enough. Thanks.


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