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  1. Hello, I'm wondering if can anyone tell me why my arcs and curves are displaying with uneven line thickness and a bit jaggedy when in 'top' view? It's happening with all curves/ arcs/ circles and in all documents, but here are some really simple circles as an example. These are 2d regular circles, drawn with the cirlce tool and offset. They were drawn in top/plan mode in a brand new document. As you can see they look normal in top/plan view but weird in top view. If I select one of the cirlces and zoom in it shows as a double line, where depending on which view I'm in either the polygon or the smooth arc appears as a sort of adjacent ghost line. TOP VIEW: TOP/ PLAN VIEW: TOP VIEW ZOOMED: TOP/PLAN VIEW ZOOMED: If I extrude one of the circles it shows as a regular 16 sided polygon in top view: And normal in top/plan view: I've noticed this for a while. It's not a major issue but it just bugs me. I've got 2d and 3d resolution conversion set to high. Anti-aliasing is on. Any other suggestions? Thank very much!
  2. Ah that's so good to know, thank you!! I'm gonna try that 🙂
  3. I totally agree with this!! You shouldn't have to come out of the tool you're using in order to navigate. It's really annoying. It means you're forced to use a mouse with a scroll wheel, so trackpad/ apple mouse/ wacom pen etc are all useless. Please fix this, Vectorworks!!
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