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  1. First attempt with a basic model: https://skfb.ly/6oKxF Not sure how to put it onto website, next
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a way to place 'non-expiring' interactive (web view) model on websites. I'm aware of sketchfab (www.sketchfab.com). A couple of export/ import options I can see, 3ds & iges. Anyone tried this before either with sketchfab or any other suggestions on how to achieve this?
  3. Currently using windows 7. Considering upgrade to windows 10. Should I upgrade?
  4. Sounds great & makes sense. So far, clients love web view even on basic models viewed on a smart phone!
  5. Hugely useful information, thanks. Noticed that one of the differences between the Gtx gpu's is number/ type of display ports with gtx1060 enabling separate connection of vr headset (I think) whether that willl become useful in vw2018, 19...?
  6. Non- expert advice from memory, assuming you mean in the web model, point head down onto circular controls and wait for the orange ring to circle and then the command is active. Viewer height setting a bit temperamental I (especially units for height). Also, works better with some kind of 'ground' or floor. Have fun watching clients walk round the room thinking they're controlling the movement!
  7. Price has gone up a bit. Can also get for £29.99 without the blutooth controller which to be honest I haven't used. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/trust-gxt-720-vr-headset-a06wk?cmpid=ppc&gclid=CNiMg5XqzNICFULGGwodqTsEIg
  8. I tend to agree that there isn't one best way to approach options inVvectorworks. I'm going to stick up for the 'save a copy as' option and have different option files. One of my favourite things about Vectorworks compared to other CAD/ BIM programs is the ease with which you can open two files and copy and paste objects between files. But before I 'save a copy as', I think twice about creating an option, ie. is it necessary, could I discuss this with the client instead, is there a more appropriate way of communicating the option, eg. a felt pen and paper and sketching, scanning, and then importing onto a sheet in Vectorworks, but more and more I find that using 3d views, eg. Web view link sent to clients means that options can be discussed and developed more intuitively with the client without the need to produce drawings and models of each option.
  9. Hi Jim, I've decided to go down the PC upgrade route for now. Work I do is largely Interiors; so rendered models, but as part of day to day work stream (ie. not aiming at 'pro' CGI). Using 3d modelling as much as possible including model web view. Exploring 'vr' possibilities... I just ordered a 1tb SSD (crucial). UK product link: http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/ct1050mx300ssd1 2 GPU's I'm looking at: Geforce GTX 1050 Ti (Asus ROG GTX 1050ti) currently £179.00 in Maplins (UK) RX 480 ROG strix currently £299.99 in Maplins (UK) Guessing that option 2 is better. Price wise, rather go with 1 (would Maplins GTX 1070 at £449.99 be worth the extra?!). Existing GPU is Quadro 2000 so aiming for significant upgrade on that! Went to local Maplins (electronics shop, maybe in US too) as just too many options on the web, but of course range then limited. Kind Regards Mark
  10. Hi, I've been trying to create generic bi-fold/ sliding/ folding doors using the door without success, although you can get fairly close (but only a maximum of 4 panels) Any hints/ tips on how to create these? These are very popular in the UK, maybe not so much in the US and other regions....? thanks Mark
  11. Fair comment. I don't know how VW currently test product, but 'UX' web/ app design offers some interesting techniques, eg. observing users performing set tasks and A/B testing alternative software versions?
  12. I might regret saying this, but I would accept paying more per month if Vectorworks were made more intuitive and user friendly, and demonstrably increased my productivity. CAVEAT: I would pay MORE to develop the product tools and user interface, NOT to fund a help desk for when tools either don't work (as I'd expect them to) or I can't easily work out how to use them
  13. V18 info, yes, would be helpful. I have to say, I'm a VW fan, but the way the invoice is presented, it doesn't exactly fill me with a warm rosy feeling. It would be nice to be reminded of the benefits of renewing before being asked for the money! Mark PS - biggest help I find is the VW forum...is the Vectorworks forum available only to VSS subscribers?
  14. Hi, I'm now looking again at spec for new PC. Useful information here about graphics cards & SDD. Any advice on a good pc/ processor? thanks! Mark
  15. Hi Alan, This looks great and just the kind of thing. Only thing is, marionette is a bit too clever for me! M
  16. I'm trying to quickly add wall colours to walls drawn using the wall tool. Trouble is, the colour seems to apply to the wall ledges, but not the faces. There must be something obvious I'm missing, but I can't see what it is...any ideas?
  17. Looks like Nemetschek have bought dRofus. Certainly looks like a good thing from the list of functions.... http://www.drofus.no/en/product.html Anyone used it with (or without) Vectorworks? Be interesting to see how well it suites with VW2017.
  18. Just came across this link, and it reminded me of this Vectorworks post about viewing small spaces such as bathrooms (often have the same issue): https://sketchfab.com/models/7d6bfc8ac0884b419ee871537a2a9da9 Especially how the walls are 'one way' so disappear/ re-appear as you rotate the model! Future development for web view export maybe?!
  19. Useful links for extrude along path.. I guess I was wondering if there's a way to add profiles using wall tool, so the profile cuts automatically, so a bit like a wall does when you insert a door? For use for example in a corridor with lots of doors (20+). Maybe one for a future vw release!
  20. Looking for the best way of drawing the above. Using 'interior elevation viewports' I tend to draw the lines in annotation which is fine, but must be an easier way. Have used 'extrude along path' previously for decorative profiles which works well but is fiddly around doors. Is there away of utilizing wall tool for these profiles?
  21. Update: this issue most likely can be traced back to an issue with graphics card settings. See post: VW2017 SECTION VIEWPORTS VERY SLOW TO UPDATE
  22. Update: tuns out it's a graphics card setting issue, something to do with the graphics card not recognizing vectorworks/ 3d settings in graphics card control panel (a bit beyond me technically).
  23. Just found a nice and easy way to present web view links rather than sending the long email link web view generates to clients... if you create an image (say, a still from your 3d model), paste it into an email and then add a hyperlink to the image. I guess pretty obvious in hindsight, but I'm pretty pleased with the result so felt the urge to share!
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