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  1. A great demo! Did it take much work to get it to that stage in Unity or is this the imported state?
  2. How easy is it to import the 3ds model and get up and running in unity? I've done a few experiments with Sketchfab (I think I mentioned elsewhere on the forum) which was easy, so may give unity a go to compare. Maybe a slight aside but I can't help but compare all the vr stuff to mincraft;....my 11 y/o daughter builds things so quickly on it, ok, graphics are basic , not exactly construction detail, but it's very immediate and intuitive, it gives you a feel for form and space, internal lighting is 'atmospheric' but does the job, and as far as she's concerned, it's a 'reality' of sorts. And all this on a 10 year old laptop, no mouse, and on a piece of software that cost under £20! Ok, so not about to replace vw with minecraft, but food for thought!
  3. Recently installed one of these, 1tb SSD (crucial). UK product link: http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/ct1050mx300ssd1 Performance wise, 100% recommend an SDD ; reinvigorated my pc!
  4. Going back to your original question, I voted for use it 'every now and again'. Thinking on it, not strictly true. Is there a category for 'haven't used it for a while and now tried it again and can't get it to work'! Files uploaded ok last night, but no file created. To be honest, I seem to recall a slight issue last time so maybe user error.. Any ideas?!
  5. thanks for the advice, managed to sort it by making a new class and then re-assigning the glazing to that
  6. I'm just converting an 'old' vectorworks drawing (probably from VW 10/11?) to use as 3d At the time I drew it on layer plane (when I was a VW learner and didn't know better). I've moved objects to working plane, but I can't seem to get doors to work as expected, ie. to show textures, unless I 'ungroup' them, which isn't really a solution. I've assigned the textures to their own classes, which usually works (as per the screen shot below). Seems like there's something I 've missed but I can't think what. I've also tried importing new texture from a VW2017 3d drawing and deleting and re-assigning the old one. In image below, door to right shows timber texture on 'ungrouped' door, others have texture applied which I can't get to display in opel gl for some reason... Any ideas?
  7. .....I have jpegs to use as wall graphics on a project; do you know, would they appear in web views if I make them into image props by any chance? I previously pasted in as objects and they don't show up.
  8. If you're after a 'quick win', select a 2d shape on plan, then press 'ctrl e' (extrude), and add a 'z' height. Then use 'bot z' in object info. palette to position the objects in space. Then use the 'flyover' tool in basics palette. Wall tool gives quick results if you're drawing rooms/ spaces. ...and definitely watch youtube videos as per zoomers suggestion!
  9. Hi BCD, Sketchfab.... Very easy to use; user friendly interface for control of lighting/ textures etc. Possibly more suited to 3d objects, eg. building exteriors than interiors. Here's a link to a sketchfab example model I generated..... https://sketchfab.com/models/7f29325ea7884e0abfb7cfcceb6281fc and by way of comparison, the same model as web view export..... https://vgx.vectorworks.net/export-m1499267842895a1499267842895r1499267842895k1499267842895_1499267842895r1499267842895i1499267842895d1499267842895g1499267842895e1499267842895w1499267842895e1499267842895l1499267842895l/WebGlTemplate.html End results are similar in terms of quality. Mark
  10. I've been using VW web view export quite a bit recently. It's really good, but I'm looking for the next step up in terms of control/ quality - ie. that I can easily import VW model and tweak (not a unity style rendering engine)! Anyone have any suggestions for vectorworks compatible rendering packages for generating vr type models? I've tried sketchfab , anyone tried any of these: twinmotion lumion enscape prospect vizor yulio vr
  11. I have no idea how I could check that but thanks for the suggestion Kevin. Earlier model worked really well; both models are covered/ enclosed, in fact the latter (the darker one) actually has MORE openings so if anything you would expect it to be lighter. I mentioned sketchfab on a previous post (www.sketchfab.com). Interesting and user friendly interface for control of lighting/ textures etc. Very easy to use, but possibly more suited to 3d objects than interiors; plus you have to export from VW into 3ds and then upload and adjust material properties (very easy but time consuming) so a number of processes. Be much better to have all that functionality in VW. Any ideas on future improvements we can expect (Vectorworks representative)?
  12. Really not sure why my mdel is quite so dark then, there a various openings and apertures, in fact, more so than the second shot I posted. Just tested some 'old' tech, ie. 3d animation to try and get someting lighter to give to the client. Interestingly, it gives a good impression of a 'light' space on the model I show at top of the post. Downsides being of course it takes a while to generate a large file (and of course it's not as engaging). It would be great if the 3d web view result was similar to light effect on the animation tool, or if the web view export model came out similar or the same as an open GL render as it displays on screen maybe!
  13. Hi Alan, When you say 'ambient light on', is that in 'lighting options'? and if so is 'indirect lighting' set to anything? M
  14. ...by way of comparison. The light/ shadow in this model was quite effective. Both models are similar in that they are enclosed 'boxes', only difference I can think of is that I changed the 'clear glass' texture in the vision panels to a 'blue glass'?!
  15. Thanks for the advice. Strange that the first model has a good level of ambient light whereas the second is very poor (see image). Any reason this could be?
  16. I guess while I'm being totally dumb I may as well ask, in these images, the first one I managed to get a good lighting effect on the web view really easily I seem to recall, but second time around, I've used lights etc. but without success. Any tips to lighting in web views (does it actually work?)
  17. I feel so ashamed, thankyou Andrew! You come to the rescue once more! Mark
  18. Having set up model views to export successfully on numerous occasions, in the model I'm currently working on, I can't get the view set up as I want it. The thing is, if there's no floor, the web view tool doesn't 'walk' so I need a starting view inside the model Trouble is, I can't get the view set 'inside' the model (as in image capture 1), only within the camera 'crop' view (as shown on image capture 2) which doesn't enable me to set up the starting view I want. I'm sure it's something really obvious but I just can't see what it is so it's driving me nuts! Help me someone please!!!
  19. Just found 'vectorworks tips 445 - Clip cube viewport'; was looking for this some time back having done it by chance and not being able to recreate it since! Haven't tried it, but assuming it works, great tip! Presumably, this enables you to put a title sheet on too...?
  20. Hi, Can anyone help, are PC and mac vectorworks files easily interchangeable, eg. if I get a mac file, will I be able to easily open it on PC (assuming both are running the same version). Anyone had experience of or do this regularly, and any advice? thanks Mark
  21. Is it possible to remove a file that you've posted/ attached to a post on the forum?
  22. Hi, I'm trying to get my head around marionette. Watched a recent webinar, so got the principle, but it's the definitions/ function of all the nodes I'm struggling with. I wondered if there's a list of the various commands 'node' with descriptions/ definitions/ examples of applications/ functions that I can print to familiarize myself with them?
  23. Absolutely agree, this would be high on wish list for me too.... It seems strange that Vectorworks doesn't do it. Revit does it also. Kind of related, I wonder if 'clip cube' functionality could be developed more so for example, you could model on a single class/ and layer and then 'split' the model using clip cube to quickly and easily generate plans/ sections?!
  24. Export as 3ds file from Vectorworks, then in sketchfab upload the 3ds file including texture files. You can tweak the materials e.g. The glass came out opaque but I was able to add back translucency. Also needed to adjust the scale.
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