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  1. Can we have a function/ tool to automatically generate a colour key on a sheet file where using Data visualization? This will potentially save loads of time and make sure said key accurately reflects the data that's visualized
  2. PS - also trying to add 'assign zone' data to worksheet and space label.....
  3. Finding the Data visualization tool really useful. I wonder, anyone know of a quick way to generate a colour key on a sheet file, ideally automated (like in Revit)? thanks M
  4. Thanks for the advice. Seems like VW is trying to access the zip file (not sure why it's a zip - the update installer downloads as a .vwx, as per screen shot). Anyway, forced a quit & VW opens as SP1 so I guess all is ok?!
  5. Just installing SP1, same thing as I had wih original VW2018 install, install hangs at 91% (creating uninstaller)...anyone else had this? On original install, I quit out, and VW2018 seems to work ok. If I so quit out, does it just mean there's no installer and If so, does it matter? Any advice appreciated!
  6. Even more picky now.... The issue sheet format is rather unusual in how it presents issue data as it creates a column for each revision. So, if I issue 4 drawings of different revisionson the same date, I get 4 new columns so over a project, the issue data table will potentially get quite big.. I wonder, is there a way of getting something along the lines of...
  7. Great, found the blue handle, thanks! I see it works for the drawing stamp too - a nice touch - a real time saver! Being picky now,; issue sheet (and generally) as a UK user, date display is usually, dd/mm/ yy rather than mm/dd/yy.....I wonder if there's a setting somewhere to swap this over, had a look but can't see it...
  8. any views on webview navigation? Hate to say it but I prefer simpler VW2017 version (sorry VW). Of course, I may be missing something..
  9. ah yes, a subtle yet very important difference, thankyou! Now using the 'temporary cloud storage' and all good.
  10. Really like the new title block manager . One comment, the North arrow, not the easiest to position nicely on the sheet...be easier if you could re-position it in annotation like you would with viewport annotation?
  11. Creating webivew in V2018, 'save on vectorworks cloud storage' selected but model is generated locally and returns the link as shown (which isn't to expected web model) Any thoughts greatly appreciated....
  12. ...and (as suggested by Jonathan Reeves) if you can get hold of a copy of 'Innovative Vectorworks BIM; book, '50 Tips and Tricks' (P102 onwards) is worth a look!
  13. Saw demo's of these recently at Develop 3d Live (in Coventry),; may be of interest: http://veesus.com/point-cloud-processing https://www.dotproduct3d.com http://pointfuse.com
  14. PS - attended a cpd from this company, (contact: Graham Mills). Seemed very knowledgeable about options for scanning etc. https://www.technicsgroup.com/services/survey4bim/
  15. Sounds really interesting. I have in mind (one day!) to use vectorworks to model some timber frame buildings for example those at the Weald and Downland Museum (http://www.wealddown.co.uk) I thought vectorworks would be brilliant for it because it's so easy to make irregular 3d solids, texture them and add data to them (for example, often timber was re-used from older buildings) and also renderworks would be great for it. Getting a feel for light quality would be interesting too! Sorry it's not hugely helpful for your question though!
  16. Great to see Ideal Standard sanitaryware now available in 3d!
  17. Some useful presentations at yesterdays seminar, and great to see examples of vectorworks being used to deliver BIM. For anyone interested, here's a link to free BIM level 2 document downloads as suggested by Stephen Holmes http://bim-level2.org/en/ Also picked up some really useful tips for making the most of the software. Thanks to the VW Team!
  18. Turns out there's a really easy way; using the eye dropper tool!
  19. Just had a quick go with it and it looks great! A few questions, - Can I change the web viewer so it automatically opens in Firefox (rather than Windows explorer) to save me keep having to copy & past url across)? - Haven't tried on server yet, but does it remain for a set period of time like with web view export? - How can you add graphics to walls so they show up in final quality renderworks/ export panorama (they work in open gl)?
  20. thanks for advice. It's onto an ssd. Was v quick until it froze. Anyway, I forced a quit and it seems vectorworks and the uninstaller have installed; at least they're on the task bar and VW opens. Will see how it works and reinstall if necessary.
  21. ..all going well until 91% installed..been hanging on 'creating uninstaller' for 20mins or so...PC stil running ok otherwise. Any thoughts, force shut down & start again or wait a bit longer?!
  22. Just seen the agenda for the UK Annual conference/ BIM event on the 3rd October. Looks like some useful topics so looking forward to it!
  23. Hi, Just in case you haven't found details.... 'BIM and Digital Practices' Tuesday, 3 October 2017 from 09:30 to 17:30 (BST) Cavendish Conference Centre 22 Duchess Mews W1G 9DT London United Kingdom Organised by Vectorworks UK Ltd. I was notified by email from VW UK/ Service select Team (are they one and the same?! I don't know) Mark
  24. Have managed to end up with rather long sheet layer, class list and saved view list in a drawing file. Anyone think it would be really useful to add scroll wheel function when using the top pull down menus, or a scroll bar to improve on the current arrow at the bottom of the box?? Also, can we have a simple copy/ move (ie. 'on/off)' button in 'move by points' command to disable the 'copy' to save having to open and close the dialogue box OR put the retain tick box on the main tool bar?! Of course, VW2018 may have these already?!
  25. HI All, I've used a task chair from BIMobject. I assumed it's a symbol, but I can't seem to be able to globally select using 'select' tool as you would with a symbol. Any thoughts/ ideas? (reason: it seems that the line thickness isn't 'by class' in the object and it needs changing to a thinner line) thanks!
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