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  1. Surely, encouraging product Manufacturers to produce native VW content for the use of all Vectorworks users (not just VSS customers) just as they do for Revit etc. is the way to go; ie. content that is free to specifiers (ie. VW users). Re-purposing Revit or skechup models for VW does little for VW user productivity in my experience. Product Manufacturers need be shown the market they can access by providing VW assets of their products, and supported in creating the content themselves.
  2. Maybe it happens when I'm copying from a drawing that's been upgraded from a previous VW release?!
  3. Copy & paste between drawings/ 'windows' - sometimes works, other times not. Haven't found a pattern to it. The command on 'window' drop-down doesn't let me switch betwen open files. Found a work-round but it's a real pain. Anyone else had this...or is it user error?! M
  4. Thanks Grant, tried it and seems to work. For VW consideration: It would be much more intuitive if the edit tool worked (if it doesn't work to edit auto hybrid, why is it there?)
  5. Rather frustrating to see this was an issue over 2 years ago?! Makes you wonder if these tools are tested by real users before they are integrated into new release software?
  6. Thanks for response. Good to hear it's not just me! My work-round is to copy the 3d object onto a new design layer, but really not ideal as you end up having to re-generate sheet layer viewports when you delete the auto hybrid, but really not ideal; not an efficient workflow! Be good to get a Vectorworks view on this!
  7. Hi, Have been using auto hybrid tool for some joinery items recently (reception desks etc.). Brilliant tool for generating elevations, worth alook if you're not using it BUT, when I go to EDIT the hybrid, the graphic of the model geometry diappears from the screen. It is still there if you hover mouse over it, but not able to edit it. It also disappears in the sheet viewports. Anyone else had this issue/ know of a possible cuase or even better remedy?! I'm up to date on VW2018/ SP3 and new pc/ graphics card (this issue was there in VW2017 also I seem to recall). Thanks in advance! Mark
  8. On the hunt for a concise intro. to stories.... Got the overall idea, but all seems so over complicated. Must be missing something...
  9. Hi, Looking to buy one of these...I see the thread is from a while back.....is it worth buying one? SpaceMouse® Compact https://www.3dconnexion.co.uk/spacemouse_compact/uk/
  10. It seems it sometimes isn't possible to select spaces when view is rotated.
  11. Thanks Mark, will have a go with that. Looks promising!
  12. Is there a quick/ easy way to turn off classes for example, in Revit you can select an object, right click and one of the menu items is something like 'hide in view'....
  13. skirtings plug-in: https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/baseboard/
  14. I find the following works well; 1 Draw 3d model 2 Create interior elevation viewports 3 Add colours in viewports by tracing 2d polygons and applying the colours you want 4 Group the polygons 5 Copy said polygons into model, rotate and place on 3d walls Been using 3d skirting plug-in too, which is great to get skirtings drawn on before you do the above.
  15. Hi, Thanks for advice. Managed to find it with some scrolling around once I turned the drawing border display on but issue persists if I fit to objects. I wonder if the drawing is corrupt or something as walls display rather strangely in open GL. I though it might be a graphics card issue, I've recreated the drawing and all works 100% as expected.
  16. In a recently created drawing, have selected 'fit to view' Now can't find the drawing. All classes & layers are displayed. Display set to Top/ Plan... Have Any ideas where it's gone/ how I find it?1 Thankyou!
  17. Really like this plug-in.....extrude along path works, but I think this plug-in is much easier to use! Worked well for skirtings, cornicing/ coving & dado.
  18. ...just downloaded the free 'frames' plug-in from AFDesign... https://andreafacchinello.wordpress.com/summary/ A very nice tool; simple, easy to use. Does exactly what you'd like it too - albeit I did have to look up the meaning of passepartout Definitely recommend it if you want to show artwork in 3d...will be checking out the 'baseboard' plug-in for sure!
  19. This tool looks fantastic!. Please can we get this integral to VW?!
  20. Really like the windows (and doors) tool in VW. A real time saving tool and well worth spending a bit of time to set up window styles. Brilliant to be able to quickly place basic windows and then add more detail as project develops. The representation and control of sash windows is very good, but a couple of a couple of questions: 1) Anyone know of a simple way to show the 'boxes' for sash weights to more accurately represent the windows? 2) Splay wall: I need chamfered opening to walls vertically. Unfortunately it splays the sill (or cill) too, which needs to be flat. Don't think I've ever seen a sloping window sill.. Any suggestions appreciated.
  21. Thanks Tolu, Tried the non-scientific click things on and off and got it to work eventually and it's very good! I find my verbal reasoning lets me down when I read some of the 'help' dialogue information, eg this under 'automatically update out of date references during file open' option box (in 'edit preference'): Does this mean 'update resources during file open'? Maybe re-word the dialogue information and you wouldn't need the 'help' text?!
  22. Thanks for the advice Tolu. Finding it rather over-complex to reference in files so resorting to copying in info. from other files. Is this a function that needs improving (or is it just me)?
  23. More certain than ever this is a bug - just edited a chain line dimension (in viewport annotation) and it turns on the 'mm' display setting for a drawing in which it is set to off?! Is this happening to anyone else?
  24. Thanks for advice Kevin, I deleted & recreated title blocks. Now working ok. I think in hindsight I may have brought in old style title blocks (by copy and paste) from VW2017 which maybe had a bearing on things?!
  25. ....plus, why is the sheet project data specific to each sheet now. so you have to set it on each sheet in the title block manager?! In VW2107 you set it once for all sheets in a drawing?? Very strange or am I missing something?
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