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  1. Cheers Jim. I note this is specs for 2019 but close enough to 2017 to probably inform me of what I need. Many thanks michael
  2. Anyone have a source that lists differences between Fundamentals and Architect? Do not want generic differences but nitty gritty as to exact differences between the two. Thanks Michael
  3. Is Connected wall mode available in Fundamentals, 2013, 2016 or 2017? Been looking but cannot find definitive comparison. If not any work around? Architect is overkill for what we need.
  4. Using Hazel 2.3.10 on old PPC. Watching folder using embedded applescript: set p to "Untitled 3/Applications/VectorWorks 12.0.0/VectorWorks" tell p translate end tell Anyone know why this is not running?
  5. Trying to understand basic of vectorscripts by just looking at very basic scripts I keep seeing CallTool followed by a number in brackets, e.g. CallTool(-209); Am I right in assuming that 209 refers to a specific tool? If so is there no way to get a list of Tools & references numbers? Thanks Michael
  6. Simple question. Can anyone remember if these 2 old versions of VW are scriptable with applescript? Thanks Michael
  7. Thanks Pat that combined with Keyboard Maestro enabled me to recreate macros from Quickeys. Much appreciate help. Michael
  8. I am using Applescript to check if menu item is enabled, e.g. is Obj Info palette checked or unchecked. I can then pass that value to an if-then step. This is what I have tried running: tell application "System Events" tell process "Vectorworks 2017" get value of menu item "Object Info" of menu item "Palettes" of menu "Window" end tell end tell When I run this I am getting error: "System Events got an error: Can’t get menu "Window" of process "Vectorworks 2017". The main menu item is "Window" so anyone know what I am doing wrong? See attached pics Thanks Michael
  9. I have copied workspace and a file containing wall scripts that call wall styles to a remote machine. However, on remote machine when I open the copied file the wall scripts will only ever draw one of the styles contained in the copied file. If I compare the 2 Resource palettes the remote machine does not list the Wall Styles. Is there something really dumb I am missing - I thought the Styles would be contained in the copied file. The image on the right taken from local machine shows Wall Styles listed - see red box. But on remote machine listed in blue as per local machine but not under resources drop down menu. Any advice much appreciated. Michael
  10. Have been sent a cloud file xyz. Can import OK into 2017 but looks like a dogs dinner. File came from Matterport Pro 3D Camera. Anyone have any relevant input be grateful as would like to play around with this? Import settings etc. Thanks Michael
  11. Hi think I messed up versions as nomenclature confuses me. We are still using old PPC's and are making the "Great Leap Forward" to 2017! New OS, new VW, new everything. VW Room Script is what I am trying to get working. Any advice much appreciated. Also, are there any script developers for VW on this or any other site? Thanks Michael VW Room Script.txt
  12. I have just been opening some very old files created in I think VW 10. 2017 appears to open no problem but we have some scripts for which I get error message. If I open the plug-in using Textwrangler the following jumps off the screen: #show dialog here question = 'Python module ' + missingLib + ' is not installed. Would you like to download and install it now?' res = vs. AlertQuestion(question,'', 1,'','','','') if res == 1 : if sys.platform == 'win32': piploc = 'Python33\Scripts\pip.exe' pathpip = 'Python33\Scripts' cdpath = os.path.join(appfolder, pathpip) cmdpip = os.path.join(appfolder, piploc) wd = os.getcwd() if os.path.exists(cmd) and os.path.exists(cmdpip): os.chdir(cdpath) ret_code = subprocess.call([cmdpip, 'install', missngLibURL, '-t', cmd ]) if ret_code > 0: vs.AlrtDialog('Module ', missingLib, ' cannot be downloaded.'); exit_code = False else: exit_code = True sys.path.append(cmd) os.chdir(wd) elif sys.platform == 'darwin': import pip import urllib.request pos1 = missngLibURL.rfind('/') pos2 = missngLibURL.rfind('whl') downloadedfile = missngLibURL[pos1+1:pos2] downloadedfile = downloadedfile+'whl' urllib.request.urlretrieve(missngLibURL, appuserfldr + downloadedfile) ret_code = pip.main(['install', appuserfldr + downloadedfile, '-q', '--target', cmd ]) if ret_code > 0: vs.AlrtDialog('Module ', missingLib, ' cannot be downloaded.'); exit_code = False else: Anyone advise as to how, what, where "Python module ' + missingLib + " Many thanks Michael
  13. Anyone know where I can locate a Mac install copy of VW 11? Lost install disc years ago and need for old machine sitting in the corner. Cheers Michael
  14. Thanks for all feedback. Have to do a bit of keyboard juggling!
  15. Running OS X 10.11.6, In VW 2017, Ctrl+1(numeric keypad) , Ctrl+2 etc. switches views. Is there a way to disable these keyboard shortcuts so I can reassign other shortcuts using Keyboard Maestro? 2017 is way overkill as we pretty exclusiviely work in 2D but need some of the functionality not found elsewhere. Thanks Michael
  16. Have discovered that some VW log files are saved as tab delimited and some as csv on old OS X PPC machines. Have hunted around to see if there is a terminal command to specify log file format in OS X but no luck. Anyone suggest a good resource or place to look? Ideally want all as csv files. Thanks Michael
  17. Never mind a grain of salt - brilliant! I have been poncing around for hours as I cannot get my head round the syntax. Now I can process 600+ files which have to be out in the next few days. No worries, a) I have back -ups and working of copies anyway, and b) I just have to output eps files but making sure correct layer is showing - far easier to batch macro to delete layers and then select show active before exporting. Can run macro now and go to bed Cheers Michael
  18. Apologies for asking really simple question. All I want to do is use a script to delete a named layer which I can then have aa a drop down menu by adding to the workspace. This makes it much easier to invoke from an external macro tool such as Keyboard Maestro. Can anyone advise? I am not technically minded and have been going round in circles. This is on 11.5 - yes I know it is ancient but still earning us money. Many thanks Michael
  19. Hi want to survey draw using cutdown version of AutoCad that does not support multiline tool. Then import into VW. Importing is fine but we're trying to figure out a qucik way of converting lines to walls. We know we can use the line to polygon and the polygon to wall tools. But is there any other way that someone can think off. This is all so we can export as eps to Illustrator for image manipulation. In Illustrator we need surfaces not lines. Currently using VW 11.5. Also, anyone know how to input and draw straight into VW from laser measurements? Can be done on PC side but haven't seen anything for Macs. Apologies for long post. Michael
  20. We are currently using VW 8.5.1 in the office although we purchased Ver. 10 but have yet to migrate to OSX so have just been sitting on these. However client has requested work with final output in Autodesk ADT 2005 dwg format. Question a) is this possible, b) if so what is the best way to do this. Appreciate feedback. Cheers Michael
  21. We are currently using VW 8.5.2 and hanging on till we upgrade to Mac OS X. However, can anyone help me solve a problem. All the VW apps apart from one export images fine as PDS, Tiff, JPG and the images are fine in preview. However, on one machine this is not the case. Previewing shows a blank image only. I have tried re-installing and copying settings from other copies without success. Does VW utilise any non VW resources when exporting image files? All the machines are Mac G4s running OS 9..0 or OS 9.1. Thanks Michael
  22. If your having problems exporting suggest you reopen exported file in Illustrator 9 and resave choosing the eps format you require. Had a real problem and Illustrator worked fine. i appreciate that we shouldn't have to do this and it means buying another prog but if it is essential it can save a lot of hassle. Regards Michael
  23. Hi Guys relevant to your query. We create floor plans using VW on Macs. We need to convert to WMF for PC. At the moment our only option looks like buying a copy of VW for Win, just to convert files to WMF which I understand is supported on the Win version of VW. Reading your posting am not even sure that this is the answer. However, what would be useful is if you could mail me a copy of a drawing saved as WMF that we could forward to our clients as a test sample. Appreciate any help you can give. Regards Michael
  24. apologies for delay in replying. I f we draw something in VW. Delete, draw rectangle big enough to contain drawing and repaste in and export as image file, then the image file has a much bigger border than if the rectangle is exported without the drawing inside. Drawing is in Vector format. Opened as image file in various versions of Photoshop. Since posting this message have decided to do it a different way. Still curious as to why this should be. Thanks Michael


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