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  1. Keep us updated. I'm considering upgrading to one of those soon, but only if it makes life better, not worse!
  2. Most of the signs are 2D work, but all done in Vectorworks. There are sooooo many of those things. I created a master file back when we were working on that traffic project. The axonometric sign detail is actually just lifted from the campus standard guide (PDF), so I can't take credit for that - I should probably get that modeled in VW, but who has the time to reinvent a perfectly workable wheel?
  3. One more — two separate projects (if only for funding/accounting purposes) for two buildings being built at same time and in same precinct. These were released in mid-2016.
  4. This is an older project - mostly traffic-oriented, so not the sexiest thing. But the campus engineer who was our client remarked on the quality at the time (back in 2011-12)!
  5. Here's a recent project for a small institutional addition. I also use a lot of transparency (at a different stack level on various sheets) to make the important information more visible but with sufficient base map reference points.


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