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  1. this solutions still has the whole object acting on one class. is there a way for it to be like the stair obf where the stair, arrows, data cona be on sep classes?
  2. depending on the size of final printing: I may want to show text on a unit plan for an apt for not for site plan.
  3. it would be really g reat if the text for the space tools was on a seperate class or if the option was there. so that it could be easily turned off in one step when necessary.
  4. is there still a date stamp in vw 12? if so please help me locate. I get nothing when I try to search the help manual.
  5. that was it. since it's an auto layer I didn't even look at it. thx.
  6. doors show fine on the design layers. when I go to the vp to print I only see the frame - views and rendering are exactly the same. does not matter if door in wall or not. they are a no show. any suggestions?
  7. moving it would be fine if it were just one line, but I am drawing around the entire perimeter of a building. and is is not a continuous line because of doors, etc.
  8. It would be nice if there were an option to delete orginal object when you offset a line/polygon. I am drawing a line around a wall and then offsetting it to show a watertable that is below where the wall is cut. So I don't need the original line one the offset is complete.
  9. krw


    In additition, our graphic designer tells me that Adobe has OpenType fonts as another alternative.
  10. krw


    They are actually .dfonts created by Apple with OS X. I guess you can get info from Apple.
  11. krw


    Does anyone know if D fonts work in worksheets? We were having the postscript font problem in vw 10 os 10 and switched to a True Type font for worksheets. Has anyone tried using D Fonts? Thanks. VWA 10.5 OS 10.2.6
  12. maybe there should be an option to switch the order of the x, y, l, etc boxes so that if a user prefers one method it could be that way. some days I use the length field a lot and on other days I use the x, y most.
  13. we also had the font problem with worksheets in VW 10 when not using TT fonts but have cleared it up by switching to a TT font. About where to keep fonts, if you have multiple users on a computer it is easiest to keep fonts that are firm wide in the Harddrive >> Library >>Fonts folder and allow the User folder for user specific fonts. If you are still using OS9 you still need copies in that system folder.
  14. 'Making them tear-offs' is a great idea that needs to be added to the wish list as well as adding font formatting to the palette, simalar to ms word.
  15. you might want to go bak to a previous file. VW can't find the class it needs to complete the task.
  16. thank you, the script works beautifully.
  17. if I hav an object drawn without class attributes and later I want to change ti to have all class attributes (class line weight, color, thickness, etc.) it would be nice if there were a button on the attributes palette to say "all class attributes" (or something) so that I don't have to go change each attribute (weight, color, thickness, etc). In other words I want to condense the 5 steps into one. I don't want to take away the 5 attributes already there. Just add a button so that if I know I want an object to have all the preset class attributes I can easily apply them to the object. Is there a shortcut for this already? I don't always get the prompt "do you want to apply all of the class attributes?" when I change an object from one class to another.
  18. vectorbits also has a great preferences button you can add to your workspace and switch quickly between preferences. it cost $20 I think. Considering how much I use it I think it's worth it.
  19. krw


    you should also try vectordepot.com. I have used some 2-d drawing of people from there. I am not sure what they have available in 3-d.
  20. tekton is another good font.
  21. when a shortcut has already been assigned to tool/menu (the message "That key is already used by: ---" appears), it would save time to have an option (a check box/or something) to remove it from that menu command/tool in that window instead of having to go find that command/tool, delete that key, then go back and reassign the key to a different command/tool.
  22. I want to create a script that turns off certain classes and changes my document preference to b&w only. I want to use this when I am ready to print. I want to compress the 3 or so steps into 1. Any suggestions? I found the procedure menu when I went to create script. Are there any basic instruction written somewhere on how to setup a basic script?
  23. there is another script around that allow you to edit a symbol with a data record attached. I got this from the tech board awhile ago. you could do a search to find the original. Basically you put in your data records name for "my record" and the field you want to nuber for "my field." you can start at any number 1or 100or whatever. It come in handy when I am dooing door or room numbering. I have several iterations for each symbol I might want to use it on. To use: Double click on the script then click on the symbols in the order you want to number them when youar finished double click in an empty space in your drawing. ----------------------- Procedure Numberthem; CONST kRecName='MyRecord'; kRecField='MyField'; VAR objhandle:HANDLE; NumberString:STRING; Num,x,y:REAL; BEGIN Num:=RealDialog('Enter a starting number:','1'); GetPt(x,y); Objhandle := PickObject(x,y); while Objhandle <> NIL do Begin SetRecord ( Objhandle , kRecName ); NumberString:=Num2Str(0 , Num); SetRField ( Objhandle , kRecName , kRecField , NumberString ); Num:=Num+1; GetPt(x,y); Objhandle := PickObject(x,y); End; END; Run (Numberthem);
  24. Why isn't the script on the website on the support:tech notes page?
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