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  1. Thanks Pat - I've reset everything - it hasn't solved the underlying issue.. I'm working in Viewport trying to get the section cut to maintain its hidden line render (without additional lines that would otherwise be hidden). Perhaps I am remembering it wrong but I was expecting the converted linework to stay in hidden line view? It is reverting to wireframe. The pop up box is still there if I do it in a design layer.. Thanks again, Jim
  2. Hello guys, Hope someone can help - I'm having a frustrating time with the 'convert to lines' function. I am cutting a section through a model and rendering the section as hidden line with the intention of extracting the lines using 'Convert to Lines'. After I select this it usually asked me if I wanted to render with wireframe or hidden line, I accidentally pressed wireframe and checked the box that said something along the lines of 'don't ask me again'. Mistake. I need to extract this as hidden line but I can't find any way to reset this setting? It is really beginning to bother me and disrupt my workflow! Much appreciated, Jim


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