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    Custom Video Screens

    Morning everyone! I am working on projects lately that utilize Christie/Coolux Pandoras Box Media servers. I have been laying out the custom screens and can calculate the projectors needed without using the VWX tools to calculate it. The problems is whenever we try to take this programs into Vision and want to actually map video to the surfaces. Is there a way that I can convert 3D polygons or meshes into a video screen that will more easily be mapped and masked in Vision? My current cheat around it is that I have a 3D polygon with the "mask" clipped into it in front of another 3D polygon that is the screen playing back the full content. This works for this show but we sometimes put screens in front of a cyc that can then be toned using strip lights and would like to see what it looks like with video playing and the cyc toned with it.
  2. JFutty90

    Custom Video Screens

    Thanks! That is what I was doing but I was wondering if there was an easier way. Maybe this could be flagged as something for future software update/release? Thanks again!
  3. Hello again, I was wondering if it possible to convert a fixture in Vision. I would like to do this instead of going back into the VWX file and re-export to ESC. If not no problem. The challenge is I had two fixtures made (Mac Axiom Hybrid and Versapix-RS) by the great workers of Vision, but have no idea how to apply the information in VWX so was wondering if there is a way to add it in Vision instead. Is it possible to update the VWX file system with the new fixtures in Vision that I am unaware of? Thanks again!
  4. JFutty90

    Covert Fixture in Vision

    I actually decided to call VWX service and talk to them. While working with them, I was downloading the SP2 for Vision. After downloading that and then checking again for updates, it all clicked together. I am not sure what part fixed it, but is now successful. The Ayrton fixture is now there. To answer the questions above, I could not find the fixtures listed anywhere in the list. I checked under Ayrton manufacture as well as down the list in the Versa area to make sure it is just sorting wrong. It was just not updating the library that VWX was using while the Vision library was updating. Side note, is there a possible way to have Vision run the update without the dongle installed? For work we use one computer (in a roadcase set up all the time) just for Vision while 2 or 3 of the designers will use VWX and create shows that will be put into Vision. Would it be possible for the laptops that we use to update to the most current Vision library without the dongle while keeping the Vision Machine plugged in and updated separably with the dongle installed?
  5. JFutty90

    Covert Fixture in Vision

    I am using 2017 and just updated to SP2 (Build 338823). Attached are two photos of what I see. I have all other elements in the drawing turned off. Other elements are Ayrton Magicdot Rs and a referenced document with 3D shapes, stage and pdf.
  6. JFutty90

    Covert Fixture in Vision

    I have the physical drawings of the fixtures but am having issues with the Fixture Mode. I have run the update multiple times but VWX still doesn't see the fixture and I can find it in Vision. I have restarted VWX and the computer since the update with no luck. Any other tips or am I missing a step?
  7. JFutty90

    Fixture Mode Not Staying

    Thanks Barnes! I'll give this a try and update all of our usual symbols to match Vision then. Since we don't use Lightwright it shouldn't be an issue for us. If I have any more problems I'll let you all know.
  8. JFutty90

    Fixture Mode Not Staying

    Hello all, I have finally figured out the new method of exporting to Vision (thank you for making it easier). But I am now having issues with the Fixture Mode of a whole drawing not staying correct and adjusted. I am using VL2000 Spots (16E), VL1000TS, Mac Aura STDs, Arri Junior 2000s, PARNELs, and ETC Source4 36 and 50 deg ERS. So far, the only ones that keep the fixture mode are the PARNELs and whenever I can one of the other fixtures with just the same type selected, the remaining fixtures jump to the new fixture mode. Is there some option that I am missing or is this a known bug that I couldn't find on the form. Also, the ETC Lekos and VLs didn't find their modes on their own, I had to go in and do the drop down menus to get to them. My work around to get vision ready for the guest LD was to convert a set of them, export the ESC, merge into Vision 2017 and repeat for the remain fixtures. Kind of a tedious option but got the system done and running from the console. Other notes, this is a drawing that started in 2016 drawing with a custom library that I re-inserted the provided symbols to see if they would fix any issues. Thanks all!


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