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  1. How do I smooth out a curved polyline?
  2. Is there a way to import a vectorworks file into Illustrator?
  3. I would like ot use a shade tree from the plant object library, however, I would like to chenge the size of the shape of the tree. I am just using the trees for 2-dimensional purposes.
  4. How do I add my specific color I want for my tectured 6 inch siding. Do I take an existing tecture siding and then try to edit it with a new color. I don't see the color I like in the current tectures for siding in my palette.
  5. Text will not convert to polylines-
  6. Is it possible to use the round wall tool and trace around an oval drawn- If so how would I go about doing this?
  7. Is there a way to stretch text"
  8. I have imported a shingle 6" hatch from another drawing- It seems that it won't adjust when I change the opacity level. It works when I create a new blank drawing but not in my current file- what could be the problem?
  9. Has anyone encounter an issue with the stair not showing up correctly when -say for example I draw a stairs that I check over all height by elevation layer- so I need to draw the stair only once on the lower floor. Well when I go to see a top plan view of the upper floor in a sheet layer- the stair is distorted and is not accurately represented - has this happened to anyone else before- There seems to be a partial fill in the distorted stair
  10. I have created my own excel file finish schedule- Is it possible to import this file into VW? If so can I can import it as an excel or do I need to import it as something else
  11. Can someone explain why i can change the opacity on some hatches but not all the hatches- Also, at times I am able only to change the opacity when I draw a rectangle but when I draw say a polygon shape I am then unable to change the opacity
  12. Where would be a good place to look for rounded stone facade hatches?
  13. When creating window and door schedule- I have imput the door or window locations in the settings info. Why is not showing up when I create my window and door schedules?
  14. How to name a custom window a single hung in my window schedule. I have created a custom window in my model flr plan to have two single hung windows- How do i get it to represent it to be a single hung as apposed to a custom in my sash operation area?
  15. I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if I can use the simple light dome 1 and change the color from black to sky blue- Or is ther a simple way to use a sky brackground with clouds? ALso has anyone noticed when using the simple light dome that it takes an incrediable amount of time to fully rendered?
  16. Is it possible to Add a picture from camera to create a background for a house? If so do you create a separate layer?
  17. How would you change the order of something in the window schedule- I label my windows a-1, a-2, a-3, b-1, b-2, c-1, c-2, c-3, etc. I can't seem to be able to arrange in alphabetical order.
  18. I have created my house model and then created the site model- Part of my house is below grade- Is there a way to trim away part of the site model to accommodate my below grade floor?
  19. Two people are working on the same project so we made a copy of the file so the other person can work on the interiors. Is it possible to for the person working on the interiors who is creating viewports on the sheet layers to copy the viewports back into the original files. Can one copy viewports to another file?
  20. Let say i draw a 10'0" line and i want to shorten it by 5/8" is there a way select tap and pull the direction I want to shorten the line 5/8"?
  21. Can one import the data from a dwg tree and topo to VW and have it generate a 3-d site model? Or do I need Landmark to accomplish this?
  22. WE genreally trace over our secion viewports to get the desired look we want for our sections- Is it possible to then crop an area within the section to say get a wall section detail- It seems that when I try and crop I still get the lines in my annotation to show up
  23. Was wondering if there was a tool in VW 2008 that is similar to powercad's tool called move by point and also if you are able to select multiple lines by dragging the pointer across the item like you can do in powercad- Just wondering
  24. IS there a way to adjust the nudge tool and et the distance?


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