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  1. Is it popssible to open a file while someone else is working one it? If so, do changes not get reflected on the file. I heard that VW had a feature where you can work simultaneously on the same file with live changes.
  2. Is it possible to take say 2 walls that are running parallel to one another to show them as one wall from a 2 d visual purpose only- I would be where i was furing out a wall and I wanted to show it all in gray without a line separating the 2 walls?
  3. I am trying to line up my sheet layers to all be in the same position on the sheet. I am dealing with just on e floor but I have multiple variations, ie demo plan, con truction plan, funriutre plan, etc I have used viewports and put them on the appropriate sheet layer. How do I line all of these in the same position?
  4. Is it possible to paste in place between annotations and the design layer?
  5. I am trying to come up with a strategy to show walls that are going to be removed(demo Plan) and new wall that will be put up. 1-I was going to wall my existing conditions 2- I was going to change the wall of the wall I now are going to be removed- call it demo walls Create a new walls and call it the class New walls. I just dont know the best approach of tuning certain walls on and off to show on my sheet layers. Please share your mythology for demo plans and new plans. thanks
  6. Thanks- I agree- If I am working with an existing drawing, can I take the saved views and create a viewport of them and put them on the appropriate sheet?
  7. I wanted to know if someone can share their thoughts on the saved views versus Sheet layer. Is one easier than the other or can both. I think I would prefer to use the sheet layers for my presentation or sheets to be printed
  8. Hi there- I am trying set up up my drawing to create viewports and then put them n the appropriate sheets for presentation. I will create my layers: Basement, 1st floor plan, roof plan with appropriate heights. I am trying to use the section viewport tool however I do not know where to run the section line viewport tool. Do i run it through my viewport of my 1st floor plan? When I do only the st floor plan hows in the section. I also would like to have the section line represented on my sheet layer for the basement, 1st flr plan & roof plan. Any advice on how to proceed would be great if I am on the right direction. I am now on VW arch. 2016 thanks
  9. Jo do i set up a default for my dimension to be only 2" offset and an 1/8" precision. I know thee is setting but I currently keep going back in the OIP and changing it that way
  10. Also failed to mention I use hidden line rendering and then create the polygon and fill with desired hatch
  11. I am a long time user of VW and am using vw architect 2013. I use 3-d modeling a lot. However, when doing cd's- I struggle through them when creating elevations. Often what I do is create my viewports then use the annotations to drawing in my roofing hatches, siding hatches,window etc fill with polygons. I know that has to be a better way of integrating the desirable hatch in the wall or roof, walls or window glass. When making changes to the floor plans would me to update and readjust the hatches polygons to reflect my changes
  12. I am creating my roof and when looking at it in a front view, it doesn't sit at the correct elevation- It is a lot higher- What went wrong? I set my my first floor elevation at 0 with an 8'-1" wall height- Then I set my roof layer at 8'1"= However something is wrong because it does not sit at 8'1" elevation- Ant suggestions
  13. Wasn't there something before called layer links
  14. I was wondering how you view the entire model(ie- 1st flr, 2nd flr, and roof layers) with a costume view. Do i need to create a viewport? It seems I limited in the object info Is there a layer link to link all 3 layers. I don't recall how to view the entire model with all 3 layer to move to the view I want
  15. I was wondering if there is a easy way to join wall that have a straight runs that are different thicknesses. Basically to show the wall is furred out
  16. I have not been on Vectorworks in a long time, but I was hoping someone can explain how to use the wall tool and be able to edit the thickness in the object info palette. It seems I have to dive deep into the components field and then make an edit within there. Please help
  17. I don't see the option in VW11 where I can import a PDF file only an image file or pic file or your standard dwg, dxf Any suggestions?
  18. Is it possible to import pdf docs to scale in VW11?
  19. Is it possible to make text fully justied? I only see you can justify it to the left, center, or to the right.
  20. I have created an image in VW architect and am trying to export the image as jpeg to uswe in other formats. The problem I am having is when I see the image as jpeg- there is a white broder around it, Is it possible to aonly capture the image and nothing else? I am using the VW to create my logo and am doinjg marketing matarial in other fromats.
  21. I was hoping someone may be abkle to tell how to do fully justied text? It seems I can justify the text to the right , left or center only. Can I make it equal distance on the left & right?
  22. A new question- Is it possible to export a vectorworks file into illustrator and then be edited in Illustrator- If so what export file format do I choose?
  23. Mark- I came across this post and you indicated you export things from VW to illustrator all thew time. I am working with my graphic design who works in Illustrator and I send here an exported file in a ESPF format. However, she indicated the text has an outline- Is it possible to eliminate this outline before sending?
  24. I am working on our brochure in VW architects. I seem to be having good results. However, I work with my graphic designer how uses Illustrator on a mac, I am a pc. When exporting the file, the translation comes through fine when I export as a EPSF. However, all the text is outline when viewing from the illustrator side. Is there a way to prevent this outline from being exported? Thanks Andrew
  25. there does not appear to be any changes when I have done this


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