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  1. Okay great thanks, It seems now I was able to make the fabric see through however there is a reflection in the fabric. Is it possible to eliminate the reflection in the fabric?
  2. Okay, only found drums and some 2-d guitars- What other instruments are there?
  3. Actually saw in 2017m not 2016, thanks
  4. Didn't see it in 2016- Under "what" Objects categories, - arch, bldg. equipment and furnishing, bldg services, landscape, and Miscellaneous & Entourage
  5. I am looking for either an outline of a band group to add as a prop for my wedding or I need band equipment to put on a stage- Does anyone have 3-d musical equipment? thanks
  6. I am trying to create a white fabric to surround a tent. I would like to have the fabric to be semi-transparent so I can slightly see the structural component below. Is it possible to create an extrude and then make it semi-transparent or am I going about the wrong way?
  7. I actually thought about a bit more and will only use it with a PDF and create the watermark in VW and add to all sheets. Now I think I need to work on creating a contract of sorts that protects me and my work from not getting taken. thanks
  8. I was hoping if anyone has added some type of watermark to their drawings. I have had several clients not pay after I have finished their drawings and sent it electronically. I was thinking I would add some type of watermark and release a clean version when payment is paid in full. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  9. I am looking for advice on how to create draping fabric like tent structures(custom Tent Swags) for events. I am pretty well versed in VW but have never done fabrics for interior tents- Any advice on how to create something similar would greatly be appreciated.
  10. I was hoping someone could share how they do shadowing studies. I have created my model and placed the heliodon with the correct locations. Now, do I create sheet layers to achieve what I need in a right iso? Seems I don't have control of the heliodon at this point. I can create shading in my design layer, however, I would like to have the drawing in a foreground of open GL and background of hidden line. I need to create 6 different drawing to show times throughout the day to show the shadowing. Any suggestion? VW_Sun_study.vwx
  11. I understand somewhat how to import a DWG file into VW. However, after importing, my file design layer has a ton of 3-d symbols which are for example: elevations(4) or floor plans, etc. I noticed from the pdf's I received that quite a bit of information is missing when I do the import. I am understanding the auto cad users use classes that are similar to our layers- However, all the classes are grouped(think) on a single layer. Still trying to make sense and correctly import the file to show everything. I know there will probably be some cleaning up too Word of advice? I have attached an example of what I am getting- One design layer with a ton of 3-d symbols that have anything like multiple elevations and say floor plans, details. It also has sheet layers with sheet names. Some of the translation comes through that are viewports. However, I have to see if the display planar object or project screen object needs to be checked or unchecked. Problems happens when I see a view port of a sheet layer that has others lines on it that I know are not supposed to be there. I can't seem to find out how to removed them and not effect the rest of the sheets test.pdf
  12. Thanks, this ai pretty nice door, however, what I was hoping to do was fillet the 90 degree corners where the sides meet the top.
  13. Is it possible to create an opening(6'8" height) in a wall and have a straight top but have the corners curved? Can I not achieve this solution? I have been trying to use the door tool. Any ideas
  14. Where can I find out information about how to place the sun correctly in my drawing to see how shadowing works throughout the year?
  15. I was hoping someone could share the best way to export a vwx. file I had produced as a model(3-story building) to an autocad(dwg) user. The user wants 2-d file only- Is there a way to send 2-d elevations to this user that are clean and he will not have to manipulate too much? thanks
  16. Hi Wes, I thought I had figured out but was unable to do. I am including the file of the profile for the wall wall profile.vwx
  17. I was able to figure it out but thank you
  18. Is it possible to create a wall like this and be abe to add windows wall.vwx
  19. Is there an easy way to remove classes that are not being used. My Drawing has a ton of classes and I would like to get rid of a lot of them that aren't being used. I have several layers and want to make sure I am not deleting classes that are currently in the drawing
  20. I also came across in the Object Info Pal. the "Break" option. By selecting no break, you can turn the window or door on and off and the wall will still be there.
  21. I am trying to achieve different versions of a floor plan. I would like to assign the different doors and windows with class called ver. 1 ver. 2. or ver. 3. I want to give several versions of my floor plan and be able to turn certain location of doors or window off or on. I am not sure this is possible as when I try to turn a door class off all it does is leave the opening of the wall where the door was..
  22. Is it possible to create 3-d lettering?
  23. I am trying to achieve a certain look of a double hung window and can only achieve it by creating a custom window. In my window schedule, I would like for it to read in the sash orientation as a double hung(DH)- Is there any way to change the custom to a DH in my window schedule?
  24. I was hoping for some insight about how to use the section line tool. I created a section line on my design layer model and the section was generated on a sheet layer. How do I show my section line on my floor plan in the viewport of my floor plan on a sheet layer . Figured it out. Went to the viewport of the section, selected the section line instances and choose the viewport I would like to add the section line to


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