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  1. I typically use the vw hatches but need to know if there is a good source for showing how to create custom hatches. I am trying to create a running bond 12x24 hatch- Is there a video that explains it thoroughly that anyone knows? I know how to start a new hatch but get lost after I use the edit hatch
  2. I am trying to change the class of an object(stairs) however I am unable to change the class assigned to the stairs- Is there a way around this?
  3. Curious how people combine all their drawings into one complete set. Meaning the arch, civil, structural, mech. etc. Do you import consultants' pdfs into the Vectorworks cad drawing and create a complete PDF set for plotting? Or do people print separately and then combine. Wonder if it is easier to manage the vwx file that way
  4. I was hoping someone could lead me in the right direction: I have a possible project that includes the following. Transfering existing PDF 3 story school (approx 250,000 sq ft.)into vwx and making it a 3-d model as well. Floor plans, elevations are included in the PDF. From here another architect will utilize the plan to begin doing proposed and creating CD's. I am well versed in vwx but the question becomes time associated with this project. All they want is to reproduce the existing and create a model of the existing I am trying to figure out the amount of time associated with this project. I know this can vary from project to project and often a touchy question. If anyone would be willing to provide insight I would greatly appreciate it. I have typically charged by the hour, however, I have never completed a project this large Thanks Andrew
  5. I used to work with an architectural firm that on Xmas every year we would provide our clients with Xmas tree ornaments of their front elevation of the home we were designing or completed. We always had the local university students help and I was not involved. Does anyone have experience with doing this. Is it 3-d printing or lessor cutting to achieve this. Does anyone have examples of what they have done in the past. I would like to start doing this do for my projects. Thanks
  6. I had created a drawing with sheets and layer to be printed on 18 x 12-page set up. I added a lot on the annotation layer on my sheets- At the last moment, the client wanted to change the sheet sizes to 24x36. I had several viewports on the sheets each with some annotations on them. I thought it would be easy when changing the sheet sizes to greater. Simply change the scale of the view, say 1/4" to 1/2". The only problem was none of my annotations changed on the scale. Is there a better way?? - Am I missing something?
  7. How would I go about adding this polygon in the corner between two walls- It doesn't seem to allow me to select 2 walls and create wall projection. I can achieve this when the polygon bump out is in the middle of one wall but then not in the corner
  8. I am trying to achieve a plan view of the walls. I often deal with older buildings that have different wall thicknesses and bump out or chases. I typically draw the walls first and then go back and add a polygon and would like to attach them to the walls- the example I attached i the desired look in plan view
  9. Is it possible to add a polygon to the wall corner and make the polygon become part the wall? Meaning, I would like the polygon to become a wall and take on the wall attributes- I recall a tool that would allow this polygon and wall.pdf
  10. Yes, sorry That's exactly what I mean, however, when i select the PDF, then elect trace bitmap, it says I must select a bitmap object
  11. Hi There- I recall in previous VW versions there used to be a rasterize tool for taking PDF's drawing and creating vector lines from the pdf drawings. Does this tool still exist?
  12. Is that the show alpha channel box?
  13. - Hi there I wanted to use Vectorworks to create my logo. The shape of the logo is a circle with items inside. Is it possible to save the logo circle just as the circle logo and nothing else. It seems when I save as a jpeg, I have a square white background. Is it possible to do this in vw to eliminate the square white background and leave the logo?
  14. I am trying to create a SIte Plan Model. I have the appropriate point from a survey and have created the site model. Is there a way to smooth out some of the translated points and make things look more smooth? Site model example.vwx
  15. Not sure where the transparency shader is located, Am i going under my classes to the gazing I am using for the window and make the change there?
  16. Is it possible to change all my windows to have a tint instead of having them actually having them be see through?
  17. I often struggle to get my rendered interior views to have enough light or the right light. Are there any recommendations on how to best light an interior room and present on a sheet layer, in a perspective view?
  18. Okay I was able to open another drawing and accomplish the cropped section view port- However, in current file, I was speaking about I am not able to this
  19. That's odd, when I do that nothing is cropped
  20. Is it possible to crop a section viewport. When selecting the viewport, I select the crop, however, i am not able to crop anything
  21. I have a 2' high stage that is an oval shape. I have a 2" thick wood design element that I would like to wrap around the stage but don't know how to do it. Any ideas? I am attaching the file with the shape of the stage and the element I want to wrap around it. wrapping_around_stage.vwx
  22. I am hoping someone could help. I often want to create window systems that incorporate 2 or 3 or sometimes 4 equal windows that are the same height and width. In the real world, I would mull the windows or add some typr of framing in between each window. Once the multiple windows are in I would take one piece of ext. trim for the top and bottom to run the full length of the multiple windows. I have been creating a custom window to achieve my results and looks great in elevation. However, when creating my window schedule, I would like to indicate there (3) of the same size windows for the one opening. Is it possible to achieve this? If I create 3 separate windows I can't get the desired look when in elevation or at least I don't know how to achieve. Would I need to create 3 separate windows and them create my own trim to get this look? What do other do? exmple window.vwx


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