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  1. I ownVW 9.5 and am looking for 3-D tree plugg-ins or symbols. Doeas sopmething like this exist? I have look for just simple 3-d trees- Please help. Thanks
  2. Thank tyou for all the replies about impotying the wood sidng into VW. What I am incountering is the file I import is too small to show up on a normal wall. What size, scale do I create the plug-in sample texture of siding before I export it to photoshop? Then after making all the changes in Photoshop, and them impoting back into my current drawing of VW as a new texture, what are the proper steps I need to do in order for this to become a texture that I can place on any size wall? Do I need to check the horticontal/Vert. boxes and how do I fill the entire square with my new texture? I guess Iam really confused about exporting and importing the proper size and scale in order to achieve my goal.
  3. I am trying to create some light blue wood siding. I not quite sure How I replace one color in photohop with another. I have exported the one tecture of siding as a image file and open it in photoshop- I guess thais a prayer for someone who knows Photoshop and how to manipulate a photo(just the color w/out effecting the whole picture.
  4. thank you!!!!! that's exactly what i needed to know!
  5. My question is: I have always created building that are no larger than one floor and thus when I made elevations(front, rear, etc) for planning review- it was fairly easy. Now I am working with something that is three stories. I have decided to create each floor plan in a different layer but when I go to show elevations there is that line that separates each floor and thus I don't get a clean flat front elevation. Should I do another layer that is just the shell of the house? in order to get my elevations for planning review? What is the proper way to connect all the floors in order to achieve elevation that can go into city planning? Lastly, my building is 30 feet high, 3 floors, and there is a bump out(bay windows on the 2nd and 3rd floor- so there is an over-hang from the first to second floor and it is extremely hard to do. Maybe you can help
  6. I apologize- I guess maybe I should re-state the question- Is there any score out there(books, mags, cd's) that have traditional engineering details?
  7. I am trying to colect some general engineering(Residential) details just to have in my libary for future drawings. Is there someone you can e-mail me these. Thanks Andrew
  8. When I make a square and then extrude it, how do I edit it let's say make one side have a curve in it?
  9. I have a real quick question- When someone asks for technical furniture drwaings in 2-d how is this different than just the actual furniture piece itself. Thanks in advance! Andrew
  10. When working in wire frame mode for a small, simple drawing my mouse keeps freezing up on me for a few seconds. This has never occured and all of the sudden it starts to happen and i can't move around in my drawing effeciently. Please help.
  11. I am trying to print a piece of furniture and when I do the viewing plane is printed too. How do I get rid of this when printing?
  12. I am creating an interior wall and want to know how I apply say a green color to one side of the wall then say a blue to the other.
  13. I design furniture and everytime I add texture(wood) it is hard to see the grain and color of the wood. I know it probably has something to do with the lighting but I am somewhat unfamilar with how to approach it. Can you please help. Oh yea, When I print why does the viewing plane print as well, how do I turn it off for printing? Thanks
  14. I have Vector works Architect 9.5 and when i design some that has curves to it and render it, the curve lines are not very smooth. I've tried setting verctwork perferences tp very high for both 2-d and 3-d. What elso can be the problem?


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