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  1. Klinzey, thank you for your reply. I do agree with your point of view about barndoors, but with scrollers I do disagree. My scrollers always have the same Ch number as the fixture they are attached to. So par can Ch 1 will have a scoller attaced to it and that has Ch 1 as well, the same way the this would be patched in any LX desk ( think multi-part patch fixture). And yes I can add the Ch number in Lw, but that seems rather backwards. IMHO a "intelligent" accessory like a scroller should by default take the Ch of the parent lighting device. Florian Baeumler
  2. Hi all, I have the following problem in VW21 latest SP2.1, when I attach a new accessory e.g. barndoor or Scroller ( I know don't get me started 😉 ) it will populate the unit number put not the CH of the fixture it is attached to. Not really an issue if one only draws a plan, but with Data-exchange to LW this is a real pain. Strange thing is so, it did work with the same drawing yesterday and now it doesn't any more. Any ideas? Thank you.... Florian Baeumler
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