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  1. Viewed from a sheet/layer, mostly correct.When we go into the schedule, cells over-lap and we can't tell where things should be? we have to get out of the schedule to see whats going on... Any ideas ?? thanks.
  2. It was the yellow! we had a bad one... Thanks.
  3. When we have an object viewing as red or brown (to this point) on our screen, it prints pink in colour... We're switched out our red ink, but nothing. Any ideas ??? Thanks.
  4. A little of both. They over-lap for sure, but deformed? can't tell, they over-lap. Reselect? ... meaning, we select all text on the drawing, then to to the text pull down, go to the text we're using ( which already has a check next to it ) but anyway, select it! And then it'll print fine.... Thanks
  5. sorry... every word starts in the same place.
  6. Every work starts in the same place, so I guess you can say they overlap... I'm not sure what redefining the size will do, but when we recheck the font it corrects the text. Also, It won't save it, meaning, if we close the file and reopen it, the same problem will occur. Thanks.
  7. Something else we've inherited with 9.5.1 is a printing problem! Our drawing shows text on screen to be fine. When printed, jumbled text. If we go to our text pull down and reselect our text, and print, it's fine. Any ideas ? Thanks.
  8. Ahh.. Thanks so much. I like it ! How about the selection part ? Thanks.
  9. Question... We used to be able to hold CTLR key down and drag a copy of an object. Doesn't seem to work now ??? Also, We could hold down the CTRL key and whatever we touched with selection tool would be selected.... Thanks.
  10. Hey Katie, Our worksheets seem to be this way no matter what...very unstable... Thanks for the update on RivisionMaster thanks katie.
  11. DAVE ! YOU ARE THE MAN.... Thank you much... It worked.. Now my co-worker will shut his face about " line-into-segment " He loves it. thanks.
  12. Does any one have any info on unstable worksheets ? Meaning, we're having to constantly refresh... shut the cell block down, and than go back into it. Only to find lines are missing, and or text.Also, Also adding columns and rows are a problem.And often the cell blocks shift up or down on its own after pasting / adding text from another cell. It's almost worthless ! Can any one tell me if the use of "Revision Master" can replace this ??? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for your response fuge. Forgive me, but could you expand a little ? thanks.
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